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Has Mobile Use in Gaming Taken Over in Africa, as it has with news?


Technology has risen to become a key part of life for many people in Africa. It is thought, for example, that the continent has an internet penetration figure of 39.3% and this sees millions of Africans regularly accessing the internet. Of course, the other major breakthrough in terms of tech in Africa is mobile phone usage.

This appetite for mobile use is seen across many African countries and it is certainly true for South Africa. People in South Africa love to use their smartphones to catch up on the latest social media gossip or to stream a TV show (such as the latest series of The Red Room).

Another very popular use for mobiles throughout Africa is catching up with the latest news. Many people in South Africa and other African states will now pick up their mobiles and check out the most up to date news via an internet news site.

Over time, this has seen people use their mobiles to check the news far more frequently than more traditional ways of going about it. But will the same thing happen to gaming on the continent?

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Mobile use in gaming set to dominate in Africa

Many people fully expect mobile use in gaming to take over in Africa, as it has with how we check the news. It is now thought that there are almost 750 million mobile phone users in the sub-Saharan region alone, which is a staggering figure.

As the number of mobile phone users rises, it only seems sensible to assume that they will start to use their mobiles for a variety of tasks and pastimes, including gaming.

Of course, mobile gaming is pretty big in Africa, which seems to suggest that this way of gaming has already become dominant. In South Africa, for example, mobile gaming is set to generate $111 million in revenue by the end of 2021.

With a similar picture in other African countries, such as Egypt and Morocco, it is clear just how popular gaming on mobiles is for many Africans now.

But why has it become the preferred way of gaming for many?

Lots of dedicated mobile gaming sites to use

When online gaming first took off, the mobile play was not really a thing and not much focus was put into the experience that mobile users had. This has changed significantly over the last few years and most online casinos now develop mobile-friendly versions of their platform to play at.

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There are some superb mobile casino platforms in South Africa to game at now, and the same is true for players in many other African countries. The development of these dedicated sites has attracted more people to mobile gaming and has seen the whole sector expand.

Convenience and access

A major reason for mobile gaming’s rise in Africa has been the convenience it offers to players. You can play games on your mobile whenever you like and wherever you are, after all. This is very appealing to most people and means you do not have to wait until you get to a desktop computer to play.

Mobile play has also become popular because it is more accessible to many Africans. While not everyone will have access to a desktop computer to game on, being able to find and afford a mobile phone to use is a lot easier.

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The choice for young Africans

Mobile play has taken charge in Africa over recent times and much of this is down to the countries’ changing demographics. In simple terms, Africa is a continent mostly populated by young people, with an estimated 60% of the population being under the age of 25.

South Africa has a population of almost 60 million people, for example, and a large number of these are in this age bracket. As mobile gaming is something that seems to appeal to young people in particular, this has been a huge factor in the growing dominance of mobile play in African gaming.

Mobile gaming set to take over in Africa

In truth, the stats around the number of people who engage in mobile gaming in Africa and the money that it generates in places like South Africa show that it is now the preferred choice for many.

This is only set to become more prevalent as the number of young Africans grows and their access to more affordable devices and better mobile networks increases.



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