Planet TV WhatsApp Number for Morning Request and Request Show


Planet TV is an afro youth lifestyle cable TV which is on DSTV as Channel 328. They have many shows such as Morning Request and Request Show. These two shows require a WhatsApp number in order to request for songs.

Although you can request songs on Planet TV through Twitter (I have personally requested for a song via Twitter and it was played so be rest assured that your song would be played).

Planet TV

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How to Request for Songs on Planet TV via WhatsApp & Twitter

Requesting for your favorite songs and music videos on Planet TV just got easier. All you have to do is follow the guide that has been laid down below for Planet TV twitter and Planet TV Whatsapp.

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Planet TV Twitter

For Twitter, first of all, you follow their official Twitter handle @planetradiotv. When requesting a song, you tag them and request for the song. Also, use the hashtag that is being used in requests for songs.

Planet TV WhatsApp

To request for songs on WhatsApp, you send them a message through their official WhatsApp number.

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Planet TV official WhatsApp number is +27818629437. The number is a South African number as you can see from the “+27”. This doesn’t stop them from playing your requested music even if you are in any other country.

Planet TV request show is live which means that your music would be played soon after you have made your request.

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