5 Ways To Enhance Your Land Cruiser



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Land Cruisers are one of the most prevalent vehicles of all time. Especially among those who enjoy off-roading. Whether planning an epic camping trip, exploring the unknown, or heading to the mountains, this car’s powerful engine, roomy interior, and all-wheel drive system have your back.

Designed to confidently tackle any terrain, it’s little wonder Land Cruisers are celebrated for equal measures of reliability and ruggedness. What’s more? With the right upgrades, you can elevate their capabilities to new levels, in the literal sense.

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In this guide, we list five of the top modifications you can invest in. All promise to boost your Land Cruiser’s potential, transforming it into an off-road beast! Read on to learn more. 

1. A Roof Rack 

Whether a beginner explorer or seasoned off-roader, land cruiser roof racks are one of the hottest accessories money can buy. Why? Adding this piece of equipment to your vehicle will instantly amp up its storage capacity. 

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From camping gear to surfboards, kayaks, and more, you can take everything you wish on your next adventure with the addition of a roof rack. All while ensuring your passengers and you are still privy to enough cabin space, making off-road journeys safer and more comfortable. As the main driver, it is your responsibility to ensure all of your passengers are safe. By strapping gear to your roof, you avoid items falling on people in the vehicle. 

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With various roof rack designs to choose from, there is one to suit all makes and models of Land Cruiser. The beauty of a roof rack? It’s convenient and versatile. They also come in various styles, including crossbar systems, basket-style racks, and modular setups. Most are crafted from sturdy materials including steel and aluminum, meaning they will last as long as your vehicle does. 

2. Winch

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Another must-buy accessory? A winch. This tool, although you’ll seldom want to use it, is an asset to those who are regular off-roaders. Why? At some point, you or someone you’re with is likely to get stuck in the sand, mud, or equally challenging terrain. 

This situation is where a winch becomes your best friend. It is a game-changer and one that promises to get you back on the road in no time! When choosing the perfect winch pairing for your Land Cruiser, opt for one with a higher weight rating than that of your vehicle’s gross weight. This will ensure you’re equipped to handle even the toughest of situations, including everything from mudslides to dune mishaps. 

Synthetic rope winches are more prevalent in this day and age as they’re easier to operate, lighter to handle, and a safe option all around. In addition, you may wish to invest in accessories such as mounting plates and winch bumpers to ensure an even smoother experience. 

3. Steel Bumpers

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Aside from enhancing the aesthetic of your vehicle, and giving it a rugged look adored by explorers, steel bumpers take the brunt of various impacts, thus protecting your Land Cruiser from damage. 

Unlike factory bumpers, crafted from lightweight plastic, steel bumpers boast a heavy-duty structure, thus providing excellent protection against rocks, impacts, and additional off-road hazards. 

In addition to protecting your vehicle and adding to its style, rugged bumpers boast heightened approach angles, increased ground clearance, and assist in mounting fog lights, winches, and recovery points.

4. Upgraded Tyres

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Just like we wear protective or hardy boots when hiking, your vehicle needs specialist wheels when off-roading. Regardless of whether you have all the fancy gear, without upgraded tires, you won’t get far on your adventure, especially if offroading. 

Investing in the correct tires can make all the difference in control, traction, and performance. When searching for off-road tires, opt for chunky, bigger versions that blast deeper grooves, aggressive tread patterns, and reinforced sidewalls. Why? These ensure excellent grip and stand the test of time, even in challenging conditions. 

5. Shocks

High-performance shocks are another crucial accessory to consider. Engineered to provide a comfortable ride on rough and challenging terrains, they’re an upgrade from your standard factory-installed variants and one your passengers will thank you for.

With heightened damping capabilities, they’re tailored to withstand the rigors of off-road explorations and take to uneven surfaces like a dream. The result? Increased stability, and a controlled, smoother ride even when tackling bumpy or rocky trails. 

Whether hitting the jungle or the mountains, shocks are a dab hand at lessening body roll, absorbing impact, and decreasing wheel hop. Meaning you feel more confident behind the wheel! We grow and become our best selves when we take advantage of new adventures, which is why it’s important to ensure you have the correct gear to allow you to do so. 

The Bottom Line

From increased storage space to enhanced suspension, this carefully curated list of modifications promises to cater to a wide range of Land Cruiser models. The result? You take your SUV to the next level, feel more in control irrespective of the terrain, and be ready for whatever your adventure throws at you! 

Provided you do your research and choose accessories based on your lifestyle and the make and model of your SUV, you’ll add to its performance, transforming it from an everyday vehicle into an off-road explorer. If this isn’t an excuse to embark on an adventure, we don’t know what is! 


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