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This contains business ideas that can be started in South Africa.

Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs In South Africa (2019)

Johan Burger

This is an estimation of the total take-home per annum of the top highest-paid CEOs in South Africa according to recently published reports. South Africa boasts a lot of successful CEO’s in almost every sector – banking, oil and gas, sports, health and manufacturing. Below is top 10 list of highest-paid CEOs in South Africa:- […]

Top 10 Business Schools In South Africa

Wiki South Africa presents to you the best business schools in South Africa which are popular offering in-depth business management courses and training that you can attend to earn your Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in South Africa. These South African business schools have been named the best based on the attributes they were measure […]

5 Ways to Market Your Business in South Africa

Most business (especially privately-owned business is usually established with the purpose of making a profit. Profit is a function of the number of the product or service you sell as a firm, given the cost of production. The number of product or service a producer or a firm sells is a function of how popular […]

Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE): All You Need to Know

Stocks are basically shares; it is the unit of capital allocated to an individual. The individuals that own the stock or the shares of a company are called Shareholders. For example, if MTN issues 1000 shares, and you bought 100 shares, the shares you bought signifies the fact that you own 10 per cent of […]

Unemployment Rate and Causes of Unemployment in South Africa

Unemployment is one phenomenon that is present in every economy in the world, and it is always at the peak in times of economic recession. Even in equilibrium situation where labour demand equals labour supply, unemployment still exist, this is what Economists call the natural rate of unemployment and it is caused by the duo […]

List of Business Schools in South Africa

Business Schools in South Africa – Citizens of South Africa dedicate themselves to a number of numerous businesses that will fetch them good money in order to earn a living. Business schools are accredited, degree-granting, postsecondary institutions. Institutions are accredited in South Africa by the Council on Higher Education (CHE), whilst institutions also pursue international accreditation from AMBA, […]

10 Best Forex Brokers in South Africa 2019

Forex keeps gaining more and more ground in South Africa most especially amongst the youths. There are a few problems that come with forex and one notable one is getting the best forex brokers in SA. It is not easy to find an FX broker that you would be able to trust and be comfortable […]