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10 Most Visited Websites in South Africa (2019)

Most Popular Websites in South Africa In South Africa, we have many websites that draw over 1 million visits every month and this is quite impressive. I would be listing top 10 most visited websites in South Africa in this post. Most of these websites are a success in their various fields. 10 Most Visited […]

Petrol Prices in South Africa Today (July 2019)

Petroleum is an important product for the country. One commodity that can easily define South Africa’s economy is petrol. Changes in the price of petrol can affect the nation’s micro and macroeconomic indices in a very big way. Common Uses of Petrol in South Africa Petrol is, perhaps, the most used commodity in South Africa. […]

Top 10 National Newspapers in South Africa 2019

We have more than 30 newspapers that are majorly printed in the English language in South Africa. As of 2017, we had about 22 daily newspapers being printed and 25 weekly newspapers. There are several newspapers from local newspapers to national newspapers to online newspapers. There are so many of them. I will be showing […]

Full List of Dams/Reservoirs in South Africa 2019

dams in south africa

A dam refers to both the wall as well as the reservoir or lake that builds up as a consequence. This post contains information about the major and minor dams available in South Africa. Some of these dams are used for hydroelectric power supply while some are used for irrigation purposes. Most South African dams […]

Understanding Pay As You Earn Taxes (PAYE) in South Africa

Taxes are levies collected by the government or its agencies. They are a means for funding government spending. Taxes are collected in different ways and forms and therefore, there are different types and systems of tax. The popular types of tax are personal income tax, company income tax, value added tax (VAT), and property tax […]

List of South African Online Shopping Sites

There are varieties of online stores in South Africa and they have become very popular in recent times. These online stores are making shopping very easy for South Africans. Many of them also offer free home delivery, especially for people that are placing an order from the same cities in which the stores are located. […]

South African Police Service: Police Rank in South Africa

The SAPS is the national police force of South Africa, actually the Republic of South Africa. There is a total of over 1,000 police stations in the Republic of South Africa which are equally divided according to the provincial borders. There are a total of 9 Provincial Commissioners in the Republic of South Africa and […]

Top 10 Most Popular Websites in South Africa 2019

Making to the top of the most visited websites takes a great deal of hard work, strategy, and investment. There are thousands of South African websites and most have similar, almost identical, contents. This also means that there is a lot of competition for ranking on Google as well as other popular search engines. The […]