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Petrol Prices in South Africa Today (February 2019)

Petroleum is an important product for the country. One commodity that can easily define South Africa’s economy is petrol. Changes in the price of petrol can affect the nation’s micro and macroeconomic indices in a very big way. Common Uses of Petrol in South Africa Petrol is, perhaps, the most used commodity in South Africa. […]

Zulu Baby Names for Boys and Girls and Their Meanings

zulu baby names

African countries and tribes have traditional names with rich meanings. The meanings are more important than the names itself, as they reflect an emotion, time or event, which may be significant to the parents. The real beauty of African names lies in the variety of languages. Listed below are a selection of South Africa’s beautiful […]

Top Shipping Companies in South Africa: Full List

shipping companies in South Africa

Shipping in South Africa is very common as people convey a lot of goods in large quantities making use of ships to transport them inside and outside the country, especially importing. Goods like automobile spare parts, agricultural products, crude oil, minerals and raw materials are exported through the sea to countries like China, USA and […]

Full List of Churches in South Africa & Founders

Christianity is seen to be the dominant religion in South Africa, with almost 80% of the population in 2001 professing to be Christians. There are different churches in South Africa whose worship system differ from others. In this post, we will list all churches in South Africa with some of their founders. The members of the […]

Zoos in South Africa: The Full List (+ Locations)

zoos in south africa

South Africa is a country with diverse wildlife. The country has over 300 mammals and over 900 species of bird. Some of these species are kept in zoos and theses zoos are in the country. These include the likes of Johannesburg zoo, Pretoria zoo, Tygerberg zoo. In this post, we will take a look at […]

Top 10 National Newspapers in South Africa

We have more than 30 newspapers that are majorly printed in the English language in South Africa. As of 2017, we had about 22 daily newspapers being printed and 25 weekly newspapers. There are several newspapers from local newspapers to national newspapers to online newspapers. There are so many of them. I will be showing […]

10 Most Visited Websites in South Africa

Most Popular Websites in South Africa In South Africa, we have many websites that draw over 1 million visits every month and this is quite impressive. I would be listing top 10 most visited websites in South Africa in this post. Most of these websites are a success in their various fields. 10 Most Visited […]

Full List of Dams/Reservoirs in South Africa

dams in south africa

A dam refers to both the wall as well as the reservoir or lake that builds up as a consequence. This post contains the full list of all the major and minor dams available in South Africa. Some of these dams are used for hydroelectric power supply while some are used for irrigation purposes. Most […]

Trademark Registration in South Africa: Step by Step Guide

register trademark in south africa

A trademark is a mark, word, symbol, signature that has been legally established for the purpose of distinguishing those goods or services from similar goods or services connected with other businesses. In South Africa, the Trademark Act of 1993 was introduced. You can register your own slogan, logo, name, domain name as your Trademark with the […]