10 Amazing Health Benefits of Sleep You Probably Didn’t Know


This is one list that a lot of you would enjoy reading. Almost everyone loves to sleep and so would want something that would justify their love for sleep when people call them out as being lazy.

Well, we are here for you, getting good sleep is very crucial to your health for many reasons. It is of high importance to your health and well-being and here are 10 reasons why.

benefit of sleep

1. Good for the heart

One of the health benefits of sleep is that it keeps your heart healthy. Lack of sleep is associated with poor blood pressure and cholesterol level. These factors are very risky and cause heart diseases and stroke.

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2. Help prevent cancer

Sleep could prevent cancer. There is a hormone that regulates the sleeping and waking cycle in you called melatonin. This hormone is known to protect you from cancer by restricting the growth of tumors. It is produced when your body is at rest in a dark place.

3. Reduces stress

This is probably the most recognized benefit of sleep. Lack of sleep puts your body in a state of stress which could lead to different health issues. You should always find time to sleep no matter the circumstance.

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4. Reduces inflammation

Lack of sleep causes the production of stress hormones in your body which raises the level of inflammation. This also creates a susceptibility to heart conditions and also diabetes or even cancer. Hence, sleep helps to prevent all these.

5. Promotes agility

Regular sleep keeps you agile and active because of the fatigue you would have let out. It also increases your energy level and ultimately, your level of productivity.

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6. Improves your memory

Sleep is known to play an important role in memory consolidation, which is a process that stabilizes your memory. This occurs when you sleep.

At that stage, your body is at rest, but your brain is still processing some information including memories. A good sleep habit would help your brain process things better.

7. Promotes weight loss

When you sleep for the appropriate length of time, you tend to lose weight fast. Also, there are hormones in your body that stimulates appetite. Lack of sleep disrupts these hormones and makes it difficult for you to develop an appetite.

8. Improves your cognitive ability

Good sleep is very good for your health as it makes you very productive. Research has shown that the better your sleeping habits, the better your mental ability.

9. Reduces risk of depression

Sleep impacts a lot of chemicals present in your body including serotonin. The deficiency of this hormone is said to be associated with depression. Getting the right amount of sleep can prevent depression.

10. Helps repair the body

While your body is relaxing in the state of sleep, some damages are being fixed. These are damages caused by stress, ultraviolet rays, and other harmful elements. While you are sleeping, your cells produce a protein which serves as the building blocks for your cells, hence repairing damages in your body.


Now, you have a list of points to justify your love for sleep. You can now sleep without any guilt. Let’s hear your thoughts and comments in the comments section.


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