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List of Belhar Zip Codes and Postal Codes


Belhar is a small town located in the Western Cape, South Africa which forms part of the Cape Flats area in the City of Cape Town. Belhar is popularly known for being the place where the Belhar Confession was formulated.

In this article, we will be looking at the full list of Belhar Postal Code and Belhar Zip Codes of all area in one of South Africa’s beautiful city. Postal codes and Zip codes in South Africa comes in four digits.

What are the postal codes and Zip codes of suburbs in Belhar? We will be finding out soon enough. Below are the Belhar Postal Code and Belhar Zip Codes by suburbs.

Belhar postal code

Full List of Belhar Postal Code and Belhar Zip Codes

SuburbZip CodePostal Code
Belhar Ext 10N/A7493
Belhar Ext 13N/A7493
Belhar Ext 14N/A7493
Belhar Ext 15N/A7493
Belhar Ext 16N/A7493
Belhar Ext 17N/A7493
Belhar Ext 18N/A7493
Belhar Ext 19N/A7493
Belhar Ext 20N/A7493
Belhar Ext 21N/A7493
Belhar Ext 22N/A7493
Belhar Ext 23N/A7493
Belhar Ext 6N/A7493
Belhar Ext 7N/A7493
Belhar Ext 9N/A7493
Belhar UIT 10N/A7493
Belhar UIT 13N/A7493
Belhar UIT 14N/A7493
Belhar UIT 15N/A7493
Belhar UIT 16N/A7493
Belhar UIT 17N/A7493
Belhar UIT 18N/A7493
Belhar UIT 19N/A7493
Belhar UIT 20N/A7493
Belhar UIT 21N/A7493
Belhar UIT 22N/A7493
Belhar UIT 23N/A7493
Belhar UIT 6N/A7493
Belhar UIT 7N/A7493
Belhar UIT 9N/A7493
Cravenby ESTN/A7493
Cravenby LGDN/A7493
ST AugustineN/A7493
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