List of Bizana Postal Codes and Zip Codes


Bizana is a town in the Free State province of South Africa. The town is the birthplace of many South African celebrities.

In this article, we will be looking at the full list of Bizana Postal Code and Bizana Zip Codes of all areas in one of South Africa’s beautiful cities. Postal codes and Zip codes in South Africa come in four digits.

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What are the postal codes and Zip codes of suburbs in Bizana? We will be finding out soon enough. Below are the Bizana Postal Code and Bizana Zip Codes by suburbs.

Bizana postal code

Full List of Bizana Postal Code and Bizana Zip Codes

Suburb Zip Code Postal Code
Bizana 4800 N/A
Envis 4804 N/A
Fort Donald 4800 N/A
Gumzana 4800 N/A
Highview 4800 N/A
Kwacitwayo 4800 N/A
Lugwijini 4800 N/A
Magusheni 4802 N/A
Mbizana 5687 N/A
Mjozi 4803 N/A
Mpetsheni 4800 N/A
Mzamba 4800 N/A
Ngongozayo 4800 N/A
Nomlacu 4800 N/A
Ntabengadlinkomo 4800 N/A
Ntangeni 4800 N/A
Ntlamvukazi 4800 N/A
Ntlozelo 4800 N/A
Ntsingisi 4800 N/A


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