List of Constantia Zip Codes and Postal Codes


Constantia is a wine-producing suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. It is situated about 15 kilometres south of the centre of Cape Town and considered to be one of the most prestigious suburbs in South Africa.

In this article, we will be looking at the full list of Constantia Postal Code and Constantia Zip Codes of all area in one of South Africa’s beautiful city. Postal codes and Zip codes in South Africa comes in four digits.

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What are the postal codes and Zip codes of suburbs in Constantia? We will be finding out soon enough. Below are the Constantia Postal Code and Constantia Zip Codes by suburbs.

Constantia postal codes

Full List of Constantia Postal Code and Constantia Zip Codes

Suburb Zip Code Postal Code
Airlie N/A 7806
Alphen EST N/A 7806
Alphen LGD N/A 7806
Barbarosa EST N/A 7806
Barbarosa LGD N/A 7806
Belle Ombre N/A 7806
Constantia Hill EST N/A 7806
Constantia Hill LGD N/A 7806
Constantia Neck N/A 7806
Constantia NEK N/A 7806
Constantiavale N/A 7806
Doordrift EST N/A 7806
Doordrift LGD N/A 7806
Doordrift Village N/A 7806
Gaylands N/A 7806
Glen Alphine N/A 7806
Glenabbot N/A 7806
Hohenort N/A 7806
Klaasenbosch N/A 7806
Kronenzicht Estate N/A 7806
Kronenzicht Landgoed N/A 7806
Llandudno N/A 7806
Meadowridge N/A 7806
Midhurst EST N/A 7806
Midhurst LGD N/A 7806
Monterey EST N/A 7806
Monterey LGD N/A 7806
Morningstar N/A 7806
Nirvana EST N/A 7806
Nirvana LGD N/A 7806
North Shore EST N/A 7806
North Shore LGD N/A 7806
Nova Constantia N/A 7806
Oakridge EST N/A 7806
Oakridge LGD N/A 7806
Sillery N/A 7806
Silverhurst EST N/A 7806
Silverhurst LGD N/A 7806
Southern Cross N/A 7806
The Vines EST N/A 7806
The Vines LGD N/A 7806


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