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List of Idutywa Postal Codes and Zip Codes


Idutywa is a town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, formerly part of the Transkei bantustan.

In this article, we will be looking at the full list of Idutywa Postal Code and Idutywa Zip Codes of all area in one of South Africa’s beautiful city. Postal codes and Zip codes in South Africa comes in four digits.

What are the postal codes and Zip codes of suburbs in Idutywa? We will be finding out soon enough. Below are the Idutywa Postal Code and Idutywa Zip Codes by suburbs.

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Idutywa postal code

Full List of Idutywa Postal Code and Idutywa Zip Codes

Suburb Zip Code Postal Code
5000 N/A
Badi 5015 N/A
Beecham Woods 5016 N/A
Cafutweni 5000 N/A
Colosa 5000 N/A
Dadamba 5000 N/A
Dingdong 5000 N/A
Durrheights 5000 N/A
Ebende 5000 N/A
Fort Bowker 5000 N/A
Garrick 5000 N/A
Gwadana 5003 N/A
Gwadu 5014 N/A
Hlobo 5005 N/A
Kotana 5004 N/A
Kuleleyo 5002 N/A
Kwadanti 5000 N/A
Liwa 5000 N/A
Lota 5010 N/A
Ludiza 5000 N/A
Lurwayizo 5019 N/A
Mbangcolo 5000 N/A
Mente 5000 N/A
Monopoly 5000 N/A
Mpozolo 5018 N/A
Mqonci 5006 N/A
Munyu 5000 N/A
Mzonga 5000 N/A
Ndibela 5000 N/A
Ngqutura 5000 N/A
Nocwane 5017 N/A
Nokomis 5007 N/A
Ntsimbakazi 5000 N/A
Nxamagele 5000 N/A
Nywara 5000 N/A
Qakazana 5000 N/A
Qwaninga 5000 N/A
Ramra 5000 N/A
Random 5000 N/A
Sabre 5000 N/A
Sinqumeni 5000 N/A
Taleni 5021 5021
Tongwe 5000 N/A
Vulikwapa 5000 N/A
Wellshot 5012 N/A
Wofa 5011 N/A
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