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List of Sebokeng Postal Codes and Zip Codes


Sebokeng is a middle-class township in southern Gauteng, South Africa near the industrial city of Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging.

In this article, we will be looking at the full list of Sebokeng Postal Code and Sebokeng Zip Codes of all area in one of South Africa’s beautiful city. Postal codes and Zip codes in South Africa comes in four digits.

What are the postal codes and Zip codes of suburbs in Sebokeng? We will be finding out soon enough. Below are the Sebokeng Postal Code and Sebokeng Zip Codes by suburbs.

Sebokeng postal code

Full List of Sebokeng Postal Code and Sebokeng Zip Codes

SuburbZip CodePostal Code
Escom HouseN/A1983
Palm Springs19141984
Peace HeightsN/A1983
Sebokeng Eskom HouseN/A1983
Sebokeng ExtN/A1984
Sebokeng Ext 1N/A1984
Sebokeng Ext 141984N/A
Sebokeng Ext 15N/A1984
Sebokeng Ext 2N/A1984
Sebokeng Ext 20N/A1984
Sebokeng Ext 3N/A1984
Sebokeng Ext 5N/A1984
Sebokeng Ext 7N/A1984
Sebokeng HostelN/A1983
Sebokeng NEW VillageN/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 10N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 10 UIT 1N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 10 UIT 2N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 10 UIT 3N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 11N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 12N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 12 UIT 1N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 13N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 14N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 16N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 17N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 20N/A1984
Sebokeng Sone 6 UIT 1N/A1984
Sebokeng Sone 6 UIT 2N/A1984
Sebokeng Sone 6 UIT 3N/A1984
Sebokeng Sone 6 UIT 5N/A1984
Sebokeng Sone 6 UIT 6N/A1984
Sebokeng Sone 7N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 7 UIT 1N/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 7AN/A1983
Sebokeng Sone 7BN/A1983
Sebokeng UITN/A1984
Sebokeng UIT 1N/A1984
Sebokeng UIT 141984N/A
Sebokeng UIT 15N/A1984
Sebokeng UIT 2N/A1984
Sebokeng UIT 20N/A1984
Sebokeng UIT 3N/A1984
Sebokeng UIT 5N/A1984
Sebokeng UIT 7N/A1984
Sebokeng Zone 10N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 10 Ext 1N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 10 Ext 2N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 10 Ext 3N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 11N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 12N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 12 Ext 1N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 13N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 14N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 16N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 17N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 20N/A1984
Sebokeng Zone 6 Ext 1N/A1984
Sebokeng Zone 6 Ext 2N/A1984
Sebokeng Zone 6 Ext 3N/A1984
Sebokeng Zone 6 Ext 5N/A1984
Sebokeng Zone 6 Ext 6N/A1984
Sebokeng Zone 7N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 7 Ext 1N/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 7AN/A1983
Sebokeng Zone 7BN/A1983
Small FarmsN/A1984
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