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List of Suburbs in Vanderbijlpark


Rather than the usual grid plan of communities, Vanderbijlpark was laid out in a circular pattern. The town is divided into four distinct residential areas, which are as follows:

Vanderbijlpark suburbs

  • CE (Central East)
  • CW (Central West)
  • SE (South East)
  • SW (South West)

The different suburbs are then named as follows:

  List of De Aar Postal Codes and Zip Codes
  • CE1
  • CE2
  • CE3
  • CE4
  • CW1
  • CW2
  • CW3
  • CW4
  • CW5
  • CW6
  • SE1
  • SE2
  • SE3
  • SE4
  • SE6
  • SE7
  • SE8
  • SW1
  • SW2
  • SW5

The other suburbs of Vanderbijlpark are:

  • Boipatong
  • Bophelong
  • Bonnane
  • Flora Gardens

There are also a number of smallholdings in Vanderbijlpark:

  • Theoville
  • Lamont Park



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