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List of Umlazi Postal Codes and Zip Codes


Umlazi is a township in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, located south-west of Durban. It is the fourth largest township in South Africa, after Soweto, Tembisa and Katlehong.

In this article, we will be looking at the full list of Umlazi Postal Code and Umlazi Zip Codes of all area in one of South Africa’s beautiful city. Postal codes and Zip codes in South Africa comes in four digits.

What are the postal codes and Zip codes of suburbs in Umlazi? We will be finding out soon enough. Below are the Umlazi Postal Code and Umlazi Zip Codes by suburbs.

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Umlazi postal code

Full List of Umlazi Postal Code and Umlazi Zip Codes

Suburb Zip Code Postal Code
4031 4066
Angola 4148 N/A
Danisa Village 4089 N/A
Engonyameni 4031 N/A
Gezangave 4031 N/A
Gomomo 4031 N/A
Ireland 4089 N/A
Khayelisha 4089 N/A
Kwankonka 4031 N/A
Lusaka 4031 N/A
Moscow 4089 N/A
Mseni 4031 N/A
Ntokozweni 4089 4066
Ntokozweni F6 4089 N/A
Ntokozweni H2 4089 N/A
Ntokozweni Section Q 4089 4066
Ntokozweni Section S N/A 4066
Ntokozweni Section T 4089 4066
Phola Place 4089 N/A
Shayamoya 4089 N/A
Tehuis 1 – 3 4089 N/A
Thandanani 4089 N/A
Umlazi 5 Ext 2 4031 N/A
Umlazi 5 UIT 2 4031 N/A
Umlazi A1 4089 N/A
Umlazi A2 4089 N/A
Umlazi AA 4089 N/A
Umlazi C 4089 N/A
Umlazi C1 4089 N/A
Umlazi C2 4089 N/A
Umlazi C3 4031 N/A
Umlazi CC 4031 N/A
Umlazi D3 4031 N/A
Umlazi DX1 4144 N/A
Umlazi E4 4089 N/A
Umlazi E7 4089 N/A
Umlazi E9 4089 N/A
Umlazi F Section 4031 4066
Umlazi F1 4089 N/A
Umlazi F11 4031 N/A
Umlazi F2 4089 N/A
Umlazi F3 4031 N/A
Umlazi F6 4031 N/A
Umlazi F9 4031 N/A
Umlazi FX6 4031 N/A
Umlazi Glebe 4089 N/A
Umlazi GX4 4031 N/A
Umlazi GX5 4148 N/A
Umlazi GX8-9 4031 N/A
Umlazi H1 4148 N/A
Umlazi HX1 4148 N/A
Umlazi HX14 4031 N/A
Umlazi HX17 4031 N/A
Umlazi HX4 4031 N/A
Umlazi J Section N/A 4066
Umlazi K Section N/A 4066
Umlazi L Section N/A 4066
Umlazi N 4031 4066
Umlazi NEW Village 4031 N/A
Umlazi P Section N/A 4066
Umlazi Q 4089 4066
Umlazi S1 4089 N/A
Umlazi T 4089 N/A
Umlazi V4 4089 N/A
Umlazi V6 4089 N/A
Umlazi W Section N/A 4066
Umlazi White City 4031 N/A
Umlazi Y Section N/A 4066
Zimeleni 4089 N/A
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