10 Easy Ways to Learn a New Language


You might have moved to a new environment and settling down is becoming too difficult. You might encounter the problem of communication so it is important that you know and learn how to speak the language of the new environment. It is worthy of note that it is not easy to learn a new language too. Here are ways to learn any new language with ease;

learn a new language

Ways to learn a new language

1. Study Everyday

Language learning involves study so as to gain full mastering. Materials like language books can be purchased and studying to learn a new language. Repetition of a word is done over and over again so as for the brain to take something easily.

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2. Learn to Count

Counting is a fast method to learn a new language. Start off by counting to ten and exploring this counting method in trades. If you up for a challenge, try to memorize all the numbers in the new language up to one hundred in one day.

3. Worry less about mistakes

One of the most effective ways to learn a new language is too careless about mistakes you make during basic conversations. You have to conquer the fear of making errors during conservation. Native speakers can correct you thus allowing the new word to stick quite well up the brain.

4. Practice Speaking

The practice is the key to learning to speak any language. Listening to the language and speaking the language will lead to fluency. When reading the language, read aloud whenever possible and converse with others as much as possible.

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5. Connect with a Native Speaker

The best way to learn a new language is to speak it. Don’t spend all of the time studying the grammar and memorizing lists of words. Instead, go out there flex and put out what you have learnt into practice. Speaking with a real person will spur you to learn about a new language.

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6. Read for meaning

When learning a new language it’s tempting to look up spoken words as you read. While you need to have a basic vocabulary to read at all, avoid constantly referring to the dictionary every time you encounter a strange word.

7. Find New Words

Find new vocabulary words via your daily activities and write them down in a small pocket pad. At each day, look up any words you find funny in the dictionary, write the definition down, understand it and memorize them.

8. Listen attentively to yourself speak the new language

It is not enough if you only listen to native speakers to speak the language. Learn to appreciate yourself speaking the language, record yourself pronouncing the word and speaking the new language. You can repeat the exercise and until you are almost acquitted with the language.

9. Work on Pronunciation

Pronunciation is another place to focus on when learning a new language. There certainly is no point memorizing hundreds of words and phrases if you pronounce them so oddly that they can’t be understood.

10. Understand Grammar

Understanding the rules of grammar in your own language will go a long way to improve your new-found language. Keep a grammar reference guide handy as you strive to learn a new language.


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