Annekan’ Die Swa’ Kry Teasers November 2023


Annekan’ Die Swa’ Kry is a South African Afrikaans-dubbed Turkish telenovela that premiered on on August 21, 2023. It is a remake of the Turkish telenovela “Sen Anlat Karadeniz”.

The story revolves around four siblings: Kadir (19), 17-year-old twins Omer and Asiye, and six-year-old Emile. Their lives are turned upside down when their parents are murdered. The children are left to fend for themselves and to uncover their parents’ killer.

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Annekan' Die Swa' Kry

Wednesday 1 November 2023
Episode 53

Tolga’s plan for Aybike and Asiye ends very badly for the girls. Akif gives Melisa an ultimatum.

Thursday 2 November 2023
Episode 54

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A photo is sent to everyone at school, to Asiye’s embarrassment. Doruk and Kadir team up to find out who set Asiye up.

Friday 3 November 2023
Episode 55

Doruk and the Eren boys set a trap for Tolga. Ogulcan discovers the truth about Harika, but has she convinced him to stay quiet?

Monday 6 November 2023
Episode 56

The truth is revealed, and Asiye and Aybike breathe a sigh of relief. Mazlum finds himself in a sticky situation, and Doruk gets a massive shock.

Tuesday 7 November 2023
Episode 57

Akif lies to Doruk when Doruk is emailed part of the Veli video. Harika isn’t impressed with her new living situation.

Wednesday 8 November 2023
Episode 58

Harika tries to steal Sibel’s earrings and gets herself and Suzan kicked out. Erhan increases the pressure on Akif. Tolga buys a dangerous prop for the play.

Thursday 9 November 2023
Episode 59

Erhan sets another trap for Akif which increases Akif’s anger. Asiye sells her parents’ wedding rings, but Doruk wants to help.

Friday 10 November 2023
Episode 60

It’s the day of the dress rehearsal and Tolga’s plan is put into motion. Akif receives a new message – this time, there’s a demand.

Monday 13 November 2023
Episode 61

Akif catches Kadir and Melisa and loses his mind. The boys abduct Tolga.

Tuesday 14 November 2023
Episode 62

Erhan pulls Kadir into his conflict with Akif with dire consequences. The boys’ plan with Tolga also doesn’t go as planned.

Wednesday 15 November 2023
Episode 63

Season 1 finale!

Omer and Asiye have to make a tough decision about their future. Tolga reveals the truth, leaving Doruk with a difficult choice to make.


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