Annekan’ Die Swa’ Kry 2 Teasers April 2024


Annekan’ Die Swa’ Kry is a South African Afrikaans-dubbed Turkish telenovela that premiered on on August 21, 2023. It is a remake of the Turkish telenovela “Sen Anlat Karadeniz”.

The story revolves around four siblings: Kadir (19), 17-year-old twins Omer and Asiye, and six-year-old Emile. Their lives are turned upside down when their parents are murdered. The children are left to fend for themselves and to uncover their parents’ killer.

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Annekan' Die Swa' Kry

Monday 1 April 2024

Please note:┬áToday’s episode has been replaced with the movie Spider-man: Far From Home for the Easter Weekend. It starts at 16h10.

Tuesday 2 April 2024
Episode 97 (160)

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Filiz’s homework has all the children worked up, Susen is especially having a hard time with it. Sengul finds out where Orhan slept last night and confronts Gonul.

Wednesday 3 April 2024
Episode 98 (161)

Kaan and Susen are rushed to the hospital after the accident. Everyone tries to figure out what happened between the two of them.

Thursday 4 April 2024
Episode 99

Ogulcan is excited about his new business venture with Omer, but things once again don’t go to plan. Ayla and Nebahat team up to change things up at the company.

Friday 5 April 2024
Episode 100

Doruk organises a surprise for Emel. At the same time Sengul and Hilmiye is busy with a surprise of their own for Gonul.

Monday 8 April 2024
Episode 101

The children end up in hospital because of Sengul’s revenge plan. Akif and Suzan share news with Doruk and Harika.

Tuesday 9 April 2024
Episode 102

Asiye and Doruk announces an exciting competition. After planning her wedding day, Suzan goes to visit Omer and his sisters.

Wednesday 10 April 2024
Episode 103

Tolga and Emir blackmail Ogulcan into helping them with a prank on Omer. It’s the day of the dance competition and the students are very excited.

Thursday 11 April 2024
Episode 104

Emir and Tolga’s plan against Ogulcan turns dangerous. It’s Akif and Suzan’s big day, but as always there’s lots of drama in store.

Friday 12 April 2024
Episode 105

Ogulcan and Omer have to face a disciplinary hearing at school. Ogulcan’s boss finds out about the scooter and lays a charge against him.

Monday 15 April 2024
Episode 106

Gonul takes Orhan some soup and leaves a little welcome gift for Sengul in their bedroom. Akif feels that Nebahat and Ayla are taking things too far with their business ideas.

Tuesday 16 April 2024
Episode 107

Everyone is excited about the dance competition. Ogulcan has words with Emir and it causes Emir and Harika to have a big fight which leads to an accident.

Wednesday 17 April 2024
Episode 108

The girls are trying to figure out what to do regarding the accident. Ogulcan wants to convince his father not to get a divorce.

Thursday 18 April 2024
Episode 109

Sengul finds Gonul’s scarf in their bedroom and she causes a racket in front of her restaurant. The girls get their boyfriends in trouble at school.

Friday 19 April 2024
Episode 110

Emir and Tolga continue with their master plan against the girls and get Omer and Ogulcan into trouble. Sengul takes matters into her own hands and files for a divorce.

Monday 22 April 2024
Episode 111

The girls are arrested for attempted murder and the boys try to get Emir to withdraw his charge.

Tuesday 23 April 2024
Episode 112

Sengul is on the warpath again as she finds out that Gonul paid for the scooter. The boys break in at Emir’s house while Doruk keeps Ozge busy.

Wednesday 24 April 2024
Episode 113

The Ataman students stand together when Ayla tries to expel the four girls. Gonul desperately tries to keep Orhan from going home.

Thursday 25 April 2024
Episode 114

The girls surprise the boys to thank them for helping them the past few days. Ayla and Nebahat’s launch doesn’t go according to plan.

Friday 26 April 2024
Episode 115

Akif’s plan to get Suzan out of jail doesn’t work. Harika isn’t happy with her new temporary life in the Eren kids’ chicken coop. Harika is bullied at school.

Monday 29 April 2024
Episode 116

Tolga helps Akif escape from the debt collectors. Berk and Doruk visit the girls at their new job, and Emel needs medical help.

Tuesday 30 April 2024
Episode 117

A strange, confused lady arrives at Omer and Asiye’s home and they don’t know how to help her. Harika finds out the truth about Akif’s properties.


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