Apply to the Harvard University Aspire Leaders Program(Fully-funded)


The Aspire Leaders Program, a fully funded leadership development program founded by Harvard Business School professors, transforms the lives of underserved youth worldwide and enables them to impact their community.

Welcoming emerging young leaders to take advantage of this opportunity to represent their culture among peers worldwide and gain access to life-changing networks, grants, and educational opportunities.

Apply to the Aspire Leaders Program

Talent exists among youth around the world. Discover your potential or encourage others to learn more and apply. Proceed to the application form here.

About the Aspire Leaders Program
Who is it for?

This program is for students from social and financial adversity backgrounds. All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • First-generation to attend university, meaning their parents did not complete an undergraduate degree
  • Low-income background
  • Ages 18-26
  • Current undergraduate students or recent graduates
  • OR students impacted by armed conflict and/or a natural disaster
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For more details about eligibility, please see the FAQ.


  • A global network of peers and young change-makers
  • Fully funded HarvardX certificate
  • Seminars with Harvard faculty and world-class educators
  • Mentorship and networking
  • Community impact grants of up to $10,000
  • Academic and professional grants up to $1,000

What are the program opportunities?

Through the program, students will:

Gain access to fully-funded HarvardX courses and leadership development tools.
Participate in live seminars with Harvard and world-class faculty.
Exchange ideas in a virtual classroom with a global community of peers.
Apply for grant and mentorship opportunities.
Does this program require travel?

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All stages of the Aspire Leaders Program are delivered online. We suggest access to the internet and a mobile device, laptop, tablet, or computer.

Is English knowledge required?

All stages are delivered in English; however, if English is your second language or you are not 100% fluent, we still encourage you to apply and do your best.

Am I eligible if I have applied before?

If you applied for the 2022 program, you are eligible to apply again – unless you are an alumnus and completed all five stages. Congratulations on your perseverance!


Students who apply by the Early Action Deadline will be the first cohort to progress through each stage in 2023. You will be welcomed to Stage 1 on a rolling basis and continue from there. The Aspire Leaders Program is competitive, and we strongly encourage you to submit your application early.

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Once accepted to the Aspire Leaders Program, students will continue through a multi-stage selection process, culminating in the finalist program, delivered virtually. This occurs 4-5 months after the application deadline.

What are the outcomes?

Aspire Institute’s leadership development offerings will tangibly support the next steps of your journey as a young leader. The Aspire alumni network is a dynamic and diverse group spanning countries worldwide. Membership in this group provides access to regional cohorts, affinity networks, and a lifelong community of peers and educators worldwide.



  • Application Deadline: Saturday, Dec. 2nd at 11:59 p.m. EST (Boston, USA)
    Cohort 1 Program Dates: Jan. – March, 2024
  • Complete a simple 15-20 minute application and meet the eligibility requirements to be invited to stage one of this multi-stage program.
  • Inquiry Form:



  1. Mohamme a dauda October 14th, 2023
  2. USAMA ADAMU October 14th, 2023
  3. Baba dodo Alhaji m October 14th, 2023
  4. Baba dodo Alhaji m October 14th, 2023
  5. Roseline October 14th, 2023
  6. Roseline James edu October 14th, 2023
  7. Azaigba tersoo Patrick October 15th, 2023
  8. Buhari Garba Toranke October 15th, 2023
  9. Auwalu haruna kugu October 15th, 2023
  10. Usama sulaiman October 15th, 2023
  11. Hauwa abdurrahman muhd October 15th, 2023
  12. Hauwa abdurrahman muhd October 15th, 2023
  13. Hauwa abdurrahman muhd October 15th, 2023
  14. Abdulrrahaman October 16th, 2023
  15. Fiddausi kabiru October 16th, 2023
  16. Fatima Aliyu October 16th, 2023
  17. dabarani idris October 16th, 2023
  18. MADU adamu October 16th, 2023
  19. Mathew Esther jummai October 17th, 2023
  20. Dauda Abdullahi Anache October 17th, 2023
  21. Babatunde Adekiya October 17th, 2023
  22. Babatunde Adekiya October 17th, 2023
  23. Babatunde Adekiya October 17th, 2023
  24. Michael Sylvia October 17th, 2023
  25. usman October 17th, 2023
  26. Usman A zaki October 17th, 2023
  27. Odee Martha ogoma October 17th, 2023
  28. Mahwash Rahila James October 17th, 2023
  29. mohammed Musa yanda October 18th, 2023
  30. Shamsu Shehu October 18th, 2023
  31. Ako Joshua sesugh October 18th, 2023
  32. SHAMSIYYA ASHIRU HARUNA October 19th, 2023
  33. Konjetirimam benjamin October 19th, 2023
  34. Uza Doose Cynthia October 19th, 2023
  35. Abubakar aminu December 20th, 2023
  36. Nura Ibrahim December 20th, 2023
  37. abduljabbar jibril December 20th, 2023
  38. abduljabbar jibril December 20th, 2023
  39. Simthembile Mhlengi Zuma June 26th, 2024

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