10 Best Job sites in South Africa 2020


I’m here with a list of top job sites in South Africa. Job sites in South Africa are increasingly becoming popular in the country with the rising trend of unemployment and even underemployment in the country. They had helped thousands to get the job of their dreams and are still doing so.

To find jobs seems to be getting difficult with each day that passes by. Hence, it is worthy to note that it gets easier when you know the right sources to find or look for the most lucrative jobs.

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Also, South Africa’s large population constitutes a certain amount of unemployed folks seeking to get good jobs. Numerous websites allow for employers to easily place adverts relating to a job vacancy, job seekers visit them in search of job opportunities which in turn serve for improvement of lives.

job sites in south africa

Below is a list of 10 Best Job Sites in South Africa to get the latest jobs that are trusted this 2020

Top 15 Job Search Sites In South Africa 2020

At the time of writing this, here are the top 10 job websites in South Africa, based on the popularity and rankings on alexa

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1. Pnet (pnet.co.za)

Pnet.co.za is South Africa’s number 1 job website. Job seekers can search for jobs across SA here.

The right candidate for a job is picked by employers on Pnet by reviewing the applicant’s Curriculum vitae and other credentials as stated by employers. The site is easy to navigate and it’s a user- friendly one.

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2. Bestjobs (bestjobs.co.za)

Bestjobs.co.za allows job seekers open accounts so as to access their portals. Notifications can be turned on, notifying you when a job offer is placed out by employers. They currently have a Software Application for easy access with over 1, 00000 downloads.

3. Careerjet (careerjet.co.za)

Careerjet.co.za is a quite different job site in which job hunters can search for their jobs by using job titles or even the company’s name.

A particular job seeker can choose to search for jobs geographically on careerjet. It is designed by Careerjet Limited.

4. JobMail (jobmail.co.za)

JobMail.co.za has over 19000 jobs available on the site. It allows for learning/training of online courses as it is not limited to basically searching for jobs only.

Jobs are divided into categories according to regions making it easy for job seekers to find. Articles about Job sphere are also written to ensure Job applicants are well informed.

5. Indeed (indeed.co.za)

Indeed.co.za allows job seekers to upload CVs which is then reviewed by Employers. In some cases, Employers pay a certain fee so as to publish job and adverts upon expiration the fees can be renewed until the right candidate for the job is gotten.

6. JobSpace (jobspace.co.za)

JobSpace.co.za is the easiest job website to navigate. It has a user-friendly feature allowing job seekers to find jobs they so desire.

Jobs are categorized based on fields, Regions etc. on these sites. E.g. Based on fields; Sales (Account management, Business Development manager etc.), Manufacturing etc., Based on region; Provinces: Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga. Cities: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth etc.

7. Gumtree (gumtree.co.za)

Gumtree.co.za allows job seekers to choose fields they wish to apply for. CVs are the main criteria required to subject one to securing a job. I can assure you that if you have a good then you good to go.

This websites also boast of having an avenue for purchasing and selling goods- a modern market. Powered by Marktplaats B.V.

8. JobVine (jobvine.co.za)

JobVine.co.za is a South African based company located in 79 Roeland Street, Cape Town South Africa.  It provides services, with much-needed job employment opportunity.

It allows easy job search and CV placement so as to land the right job. Companies can now advertise their jobs for free on this website. On JobVine, job seekers have the free range to navigate through vast numbers of job offers with employment agencies losing out.

9. CareerJunction (careerjunction.co.za)

CareerJunction.co.za is South Africa’s quality candidate provider. Founded in 1997, allows job seekers and recruiters reach themselves by boasting of world-class recruitment solutions.

A better job is provided to job seekers. Hence, improving the economy and standard wellbeing of humans.

10. Wiki South Africa (wikisouthafrica.co.za)



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