How to become a Successful Motivational Speaker


Do you have what it takes to inspire lives? Do you strive to reach out for greatness in people? Do you have what it takes to talk to people and they would listen to you? Can you speak fluently?

A motivational speaker is someone who renders speech in order to motivate a larger group of people in some cases motivational speaking goes beyond just motivating and inspiring people. Today, speakers partake in career talks and development, character and team building, entrepreneurial skill development, mentorship, ethics, staff orientation etc.

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Motivational speaking opens a lot of doors and you can make money from speaking in events, talk shows, seminars, workshops, schools etc. A typical motivational speaker can earn as high as to $2000 – $10000 per gig.

Here is how you can become a successful motivational;

become Motivational Speaker

Offer to speak for free

This might not be an easy one to come by but as a speaker, you have to offer to speak for free to further develop yourself and get acquitted with the atmosphere ranging from the audience reaction to conquer stage fright. Once you are good and you are comfortable speaking to an audience, offer to speak for free.

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There are many conferences around the country who allow speakers to speak for free take up this challenge and be prepared to speak until you’re in demand.

Market yourself

Get used to marketing yourself. It is by marketing yourself people know you are a good speaker this can be informed of releasing contents like videos, guest post on popular sites, blog about ideas even by writing a book.

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Interested parties often search for good speakers and might see your work which might enable them to patronize you in this respect.

Work on developing yourself

You cannot inspire people if you yourself are not inspired. Work on improving yourself and learn to radiate positivity at all times. Develop yourself to always get the best, in this vein people would be motivated by the achievements you yourself have in stock.

Look for a mentor

Motivational speakers are a specific group of orators that influence the lives of others and to this effect, they hold a great responsibility. So for you to become a good motivational speaker you should establish connections, talk to notable professional speakers and discover the right mentor that will show you the tricks of this profession.

Always develop the act of writing

Good speakers are good writers. Try to publish articles and informative pieces in blogs, special magazines websites. Despite being a good form of publicity, it will assist you to master your motivational skills.

Select your target audience

Before becoming a successful motivational speaker you should decide who your target audience is. Each group of people should be approached in a particular manner. When you do not have a first sight of the group of audience who would be receiving your speech, you might fail in rendering the speech and finding it hard to motivate them.

Keep Improving through feedbacks

Good motivational speakers always listen to the audience. Learn how to listen and ask for responses to the things people would always want to say. The simplest way to do this is by creating a poll for people to comment on observation and also give a suggestion, areas to improve etc.


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