How Long Would It Take To Become A Certified Bookkeeper?


Bookkeepers; the underdogs of every company. Like administrative personnel, bookkeepers ensure that the day-to-day running of any business is smooth, especially the financial side of things.

These are the people responsible for the management of funds within the business and external financial moves and decisions. But, how do these underdogs get to be mainstream, and what about bookkeeping makes it remain one of the most sought after careers? In this article, we will explore what bookkeeping entails, how you can become one and how long it may take you depending on which path you choose to follow. 

certified bookkeeper

So, What Do Bookkeepers Really Do? 

Simply put, bookkeeping is the activity or occupation of keeping records of the financial affairs of a business. However, this is not as simple as it sounds, but don’t worry as it is not too complicated either. Bookkeepers provide and manage accurate day-to-day financial information of a business.

Every business has to have records of all the financial decisions made, and bookkeepers are responsible for this. They record financial transactions, balance the business books, do bank reconciliation, handle the issuing of invoices with follow-ups where needed, and ensure all the invoices to the business are accurate and timeously paid.

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Having a bookkeeper in your business helps you keep track of the business’s monies. In some cases, bookkeepers work with accountants on things such as the business strategy where they will create budgets and forecasts, as well as advise the EXCO team on how to improve business, tax filing, end of year reporting, and training, among other things. 

How To Join This Inner Circle 

Like many industries, bookkeeping is part of the wonderful world of finances. This is an ever-evolving and timeless sector that caters to the important part of any business – money. More and more people are investing in finance skills and careers to grow themselves and their businesses, but this can take a considerable amount of time.

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So, whether you are looking into becoming a bookkeeper to ensure that your business’s financial records are kept up to date and up to speed, or are looking for bookkeeping opportunities with other companies, or want to become a freelance bookkeeper; there is something for you.

Some bookkeepers pursue this career without a degree but complete post-secondary education that equips them with valuable job training. A bookkeeping course will teach you the above-mentioned skills, and some may even teach you about things such as payroll management and some bookkeeping software programs. 

The Length Of The Bookkeeping Journey 

So how long do you need to be buried in the books (see what we did there?) until you start doing the work? Well, bookkeeping courses range between a few weeks and roughly a year. This is for an introductory certification that will offer you all the basic bookkeeping lessons and skills you will need for your career or business.

Many bookkeepers that choose it for career purposes tend to pursue a degree in the field. Prospective bookkeepers can earn an associate degree in accounting or bookkeeping as both disciplines provide training in the core tasks required from bookkeepers. 

Mentorship Helps 

With bookkeeping, you have the potential to hit the ground running upon your first opportunity. It is a demanding job, so invest in the right mentorship once you start training or studying in the field. This will prepare you for the work environment and equip you with the right tools. Entry-level or part-time positions can also help you gain the experience and preparation you need, so consider applying for such opportunities while you study.

Final Thoughts 

With bookkeeping, the biggest perk is that you can acquire skills to obtain a career or grow your business, or even both. There are ample opportunities in the job market and freelance industry too, so if you are passionate about balancing the books and keeping finances in check, consider a bookkeeping course to get you started.

If you are a business owner looking to upskill, give yourself and your business the gift of great bookkeeping skills. This way, when your business grows, you may also start offering this opportunity to other prospective bookkeepers.



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