Discovering The Hidden Gems Of London


Home to Big Ben and Buckingham Palace and a lot more historic gems, the capital city of England is a sight to behold and every wanderer’s solace. This wonder located along the river Thames is divided by it. Every brick that makes up the London skeleton has a historic significance that dates to years when art, architecture, culture, and tradition were revered and practiced. With the longest reigning monarch at its pedestal, the city is vibrant in welcoming its patrons worldwide to be absorbed in its wonder that is simply irreplicable. 

The famous monuments, palaces, museums, and churches are on every ordinary traveler’s list and the British Airways Booking is now made easy no matter where you are travelling from. Here we have some of the hidden gems of London that are in the form of parks, museums, historically and literature-wise places, and destinations that are simply amazing and a treat to a deep wanderer’s eyes but still hidden to the naked eye of modern tourism.

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1. Parks and Viewpoints:

  1. Primrose Hill: In the vicinity of Regent’s Canal and Camden Hill, this viewpoint provides a very cozy view of the city’s skyline from a reared end that can’t be missed on a spring afternoon for picnics and hangouts.

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  1. Kyoto Gardens: Central London and the Holland House can take pride in hosting these 20 hectares of pure greenery which was opened as a symbol of peace between the Uk and Japan. The landscape of this garden resembles that of those in Japan which are very beautiful with spring flowers, stone carvings, and waterfalls.
  1.   Battersea Park and Children’s Zoo: This 200-acre park near the Thames is a beautiful ground for fairs and other community activities. It also hosts a zoo, natural reserve, eateries, and lakes along with the Peace Pagoda monument.

Also visit: Postman Park in Central London, Kew Gardens and Chelsea Physic Garden, Little Venice.

2. Museums and Relics:

  1. The Painted Hall: Greenwich’s vibrant historic monument is this hand-painted ceremonial room with its walls and roof portraying the power of the British Empire throughout history. You are sure to be beguiled by the native Baroque Art method here.
  1. Tulip Stairs: This is the Queen’s House in the 17th century and the very first unsupported central fleet of stairs to be constructed in London. The banisters are intricately designed as what was considered to be tulips but are actually the royal flowers of France received as a gift from their royalty.
  1. Sir John Soane’s Museum: This is the residence of the architect and art collector Sir John Soane who had a vivid eye for everything decorative and artistic. The rooms are covered entirely with his collection of innumerable artifacts, paintings, and antique objects that are amazing to see.
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Also Visit: Postal Museum and Mail Rail, Alexandra Palace, and Jack the Ripper Museum.

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3. Hidden Shopping Gems

  1. The Silver Vaults: underground to Chancery Lane is this iconic center of silver artifacts that date back to the late 1800s when the silver trade boomed in London. The array of shops has been selling everything made out of fine silver which is a treat to the eyes for generations.
  1. Columbia Road Flower Market: The East End of London is covered with these flower stalls where all kinds of flowers are sold in no time when they open on Sundays.
  1. Neal’s Yards: Closer to the Covent Garden Railway Station is this corner with its colored buildings, cafes, shops, and vibrant windows. This yard hosts some homegrown, quality greens, cheese, natural beauty products, and hard-to-resist cafes.
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Also Visit: Monster Supply Store, South Molten’s Street, St. Christopher’s Place, Greenwich Market.

4. Historically Speaking….

  1. Royal Exchange: You guessed it right! This was London’s center of trade and commerce in the beginning years and the corridor where the new monarch was announced. Located close to St. Paul’s Cathedral, this city center is known for its breathtaking architecture.
  1. Leadenhall Market: Historically it is the oldest market in London and one look around and up will have you spellbound with walls and roofs adorned with glasses and proud steeples. Movie junkies recognize it from the Harry Potter Movies.

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Also Visit: MI6 Building, Dickens Inn, Greenwich Foot Tunnel, The Waterloo Vaults, The Churchill Arms

These places might not sound familiar, but their beauty and historic elegance will be known unspoken when you visit and be convinced that London is the most underexplored city in the world.


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