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Hector Petersen High School: Info, Address & Contact


Hector Petersen High School is a public school that is located in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape Province. For more information about the school, see the school contacts below.

Hector Petersen High School Contacts

School Name: Hector Petersen High School
Emis Number: 200200240
Province Name: Eastern Cape
School Sector: Public
School Type: Ordinary School
School Phase:
Secondary School
School Specialization: Ordinary
School Owner: State
Paypoint No:  114226
Component No: 114226
Exam No: 4191019
Longitude: 27.42713
Latitude: 32.92235
Magisterial District: Zwelitsha
District Municipality Name: Buffalo City
Local Municipality Name: Buffalo City
Ward ID: 29200041
EI District:  King Williams Town
EI Circuit: 016
Suburb: Zwelitsha
Town/City: King Williams Town
Street Address: 958 Four Zone,Zwelitsha,King Williams Town,5608
Postal Address: Private Bag X505,Zwelitsha,5608
Telephone: 0839919383
Facsimile: 406541071
Cell Phone: 0435550190
Email: [email protected]

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