Sizakahle Public (Ladysmith) Secondary School Address, Fees & Contact Details


Sizakahle Public Secondary School is a public school that is located in Ladysmith town, KwaZulu-Natal Province. For more information about the school, please see the school contacts below.

Sizakahle Public (Ladysmith) Secondary School Contacts

School Name:  Sizakahle Public (Ladysmith) Secondary School
Emis Number:  500270840
Province Name: KwaZulu-Natal Province
School Sector: Public
School Type: Ordinary School
School Phase:  Secondary School
School Specialization: Ordinary School
School Owner: Trust
Paypoint No:
Component No:
Exam No:  5211424
Longitude:  29.71659
Latitude:  -28.67044
Magisterial District:  Kliprivier
District Municipality Name:  Uthukela District Municipality
Local Municipality Name:  Emnambithi/Ladysmith Local Municipality
Ward ID:  52302013
EI District:  Uthukela
EI Circuit:  Watersmeet
Suburb:  Roosboom
Town/City:  Ladysmith
Street Address:  637103 D Off Road,Ladysmith,
Postal Address:  Private Bag X10035,Ladysmith,3370
Telephone:  0183642186
Facsimile:  366317123
Cell Phone:  0722710493

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