List of Knysna Postal Codes and Zip Codes


Knysna is a town with 85,708 inhabitants as of 2019 in the Western Cape Province of South Africa and is part of the Garden Route.

In this article, we will be looking at the full list of Knysna Postal Code and Knysna Zip Codes of all area in one of South Africa’s beautiful city. Postal codes and Zip codes in South Africa comes in four digits.

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What are the postal codes and Zip codes of suburbs in Knysna? We will be finding out soon enough. Below are the Knysna Postal Code and Knysna Zip Codes by suburbs.

Knysna postal code

Full List of Knysna Postal Code and Knysna Zip Codes

Suburb Zip Code Postal Code
Belvidere N/A 6571
Brenton ON Lake N/A 6571
Brenton ON SEA 6570 6571
Eastford Downs N/A 6571
Eastford Ridge N/A 6571
Fishers Haven N/A 6571
Fraaisig N/A 6571
Heuwelkruin N/A 6571
Hornlee 6583 6571
Hornlee West N/A 6571
Hunters Home N/A 6571
Industria N/A 6571
Industrial Area N/A 6571
Industriele Gebied N/A 6571
Jood SE Kamp N/A 6571
Jood SE Kamp A N/A 6571
Jood SE Kamp B N/A 6571
Karatara 6580 6580
Khayalethu N/A 6571
Knysna 6570 6571
Knysna Heights N/A 6571
Knysna Industrial N/A 6571
Knysna Moorings N/A 6571
Knysna Quays N/A 6571
Leisure Isle N/A 6571
OLD Belvidere N/A 6571
OLD Place N/A 6571
Ouplaas N/A 6571
Paradise N/A 6571
Qolweni N/A 6571
Rexford N/A 6571
Rheenendal 6576 N/A
Riverglades N/A 6571
Sparrebosch N/A 6571
Sundridge N/A 6571
The Heads N/A 6571
Thesen Island N/A 6571
Welbedach N/A 6571
West Hill N/A 6571
Westford Bridge N/A 6571
White Location N/A 6571


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