Rhythm City Teasers for April 2021


Rhythm City is a South African soap drama that focuses on the challenges of youth with ambition in the big city. It has been running since 9 July 2007.

Rhythm City airs weekdays on e.tv at 19:00.

Rhythm City

Thursday 1 April 2021
Episode 3584

Pearl is feeling side-lined by Sonto and asks to resume her Biblical training and conversion course. Sonto takes the opportunity to abuse and humiliate her. Pule teases Mzi, but realises the depth of his feelings for Pearl.

Khulekani tells Zinhle she is being sent away to KZN, and Zinhle begs her parents to believe in her. Zak accuses Ziyanda of planting the Slaza in Zinhle’s bag, and tells her that he hates her.

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Mkhushulwa tells the ladies they can go see Jafta in hospital and make him choose, but while they are there the doctor brings him some grave news.

Friday 2 April 2021
Episode 3585

When Pearl doesn’t show up for her lessons with Sonto, Sonto pitches up at Red and finds Pearl and Ziyanda drinking and tipsy. Sonto reports the matter to Pastor Makoro, who doesn’t take it very well.

Zak and Zinhle plan to run away but things quickly turn steamy. Ziyanda gets a worried call that Zinhle has run away. Ziyanda immediately has a hunch about where to find her. Ziyanda catches Zak and Zinhle just as they are about to get intimate.

Jafta’s proud of Mampho when he realizes she saved his life. However, that pride is quickly overshadowed when the rural women show up at the hospital to pamper and take care of Jafta. Once again, Mampho feels left out in the cold.

Monday 5 April 2021
Episode 3586

Suffocate tells Sonto that Mzi has been spending time with Pearl and she wastes no time making sure that Makoro hears about it. He struggles to keep his insecurity in check and asks her not to have any more ‘secret’ meetings with Mzi.

Ziyanda is forced to tell Zak and Zinhle the truth. Meanwhile, Khulekani remains determined to send Zinhle to KZN… until she issues him with an ultimatum: tell Nandi the truth, or she will.

Joy and peace are restored between Jafta and Mampho, and Jafta discovers the women took a last opportunity to avenge themselves.

Tuesday 6 April 2021
Episode 3587

Pearl tells Ziyanda she’s starting to suspect that Makoro has someone spying on her. Sonto assures him he’s not wrong for having doubts about Pearl and she continues to use the conversion lessons to humiliate Pearl. The mounting pressure causes Pearl to defy Makoro and head straight to Mzi.

Zinhle threatens to tell Nandi the truth about Zak herself if Khulekani won’t. Zak and Zinhle agree not to see each other for a while. Hurting, Zinhle later tells Ziyanda she will never forgive her for what she’s done. Kea asks Fats for a waitressing job but he has no vacancies.

Wednesday 7 April 2021
Episode 3588

Pearl resists the thought that she is bouncing back towards Mzi, and resolves to make it work with the pastor. Just as Mzi is falling back in love with her, the pastor makes their engagement public, and says they are getting married in two weeks. Khulekani can’t keep lying and finally reveals the big bombshell to Nandi.

Kea wishes she could apply for the Red intern position, and is feeling extremely bad about not contributing to the household.

Thursday 8 April 2021
Episode 3589

Sonto feigns support for Pastor Makoro’s engagement, but privately she puts the pressure on Suffocate, and he passes the pressure down onto Mzi, encouraging him to declare his love to Pearl.

Nandi is shocked and devastated by the news from Khulekani, and stages a very public and angry confrontation with Ziyanda. Blossom confronts Kea about her bad attitude, and Kea tells her that she heard Cuba calling her a burden.

Friday 9 April 2021
Episode 3590

Mzi pulls out of the scam with the Ndlovus, refusing to do anything that will hurt Pearl. Pule and Suffocate are not at all happy with him. Pearl is honest with Makoro, telling him about Mzi’s confession. He appears to take the news calmly but later goes to threaten Mzi.

Ziyanda and Zak reach a new level in their relationship. Khulekani tries to reach out to Nandi but she blocks him completely. Kea is jealous of her high-school friends for being in varsity and visibly doing way better than her. She makes up a terrible lie to try and impress them, but can she live up to it?

Monday 12 April 2021
Episode 3591

Suffocate tells Khulekani that their business together is concluded now that Makoro has decided not to proceed with his megachurch in DK. However, things are far from concluded for Sonto. She confronts Suffocate about his failure to destroy the pastor’s relationship with Pearl.

Khulekani is losing control over his household and Nandi retreats within herself. He lashes out at Zinhle, blaming her for everything and when that makes him feel bad, he settles on Ziyanda as the person on who to lay all the blame.

Kea is rejected twice on two different job applications. Her ego no longer able to take the rejection, she considers being creative with the truth to stand a chance in the rat race.

Tuesday 13 April 2021
Episode 3592

Makoro and Sonto deliberate on what to do about the David Genaro issue that is clouding Pearl’s past. Sonto deftly plants the idea to have David’s body exhumed and consecrated. When Makoro tells Pearl of their intentions, she is horrified.

Kea reaches out to Zinhle to see if she is okay. Ziyanda and Zak bond while Khulekani asks for Zinhle’s help to turn Nandi’s fury onto Ziyanda. Lefa is freaked out when he finds that Kea has lied on her CV and tries desperately to stop her from submitting it to RedHub.

Wednesday 14 April 2021
Episode 3593

Pearl tells the pastor that she cannot agree to the exorcism of David. Ziyanda agrees with Pearl that this plan to consecrate her father’s remains is a very bad one. Despite this, in a full church, Makoro announces to everyone that he will cleanse David. Pearl is stunned.

Zinhle seeks out Kea to tell her about the latest Ngobese drama. Blossom asks Kea to stay away from Zinhle. Khulekani tells Zinhle they have only one hope to save Nandi and that’s to nail Ziyanda.

Kea gets an interview with RedHub and Lefa freaks out. She decides to forge ahead with her strategy despite his misgivings.

Thursday 15 April 2021
Episode 3594

Pearl is angered by the decision Makoro has made about David’s body without her consent. After a conversation with Mzi, Pearl realises she needs to stand up for herself. However, during a heated confrontation with the pastor, Pearl realises she will never be good enough for him.

Zinhle and Khulekani devise a secret plan to try and bring Ziyanda down. While Zinhle steals pictures from Zak’s phone, Khulekani starts planting seeds of hatred for Ziyanda in Nandi.

Kea has second thoughts about doing the RedHub interview, but before she can change her mind, Boitshepo calls her into the office. Kea’s lies, as well as her hunger and drive for success, help her to land the internship.

Friday 16 April 2021
Episode 3595

After a heated confrontation, Pearl breaks it off with Pastor Makoro. When she returns to him to fix things, she finds the pastor in a compromising position with Deaconess Sonto. She decides to drown her sorrows and invites Mzi to join her, much to Pule’s intrigue.

Zinhle backs out of her deal with Khulekani to spy on Zak and Ziyanda. Khulekani formulates another plan to get the info he needs to stimulate Nandi’s anger at her sister. Kea’s guilt at lying about her qualifications eats at her when the family praises her for what she’s achieved.

Monday 19 April 2021
Episode 3596

The Pastor realises the error of his ways and tries to make amends. Pearl gets drunk and an intimate situation with Mzi develops. Pule uses the moment to explode Pearl’s relationship with the pastor once and for all.

Nandi surprises Khulekani with her reaction, and swears revenge on her sister. Jamaica is disgruntled at Kea’s news, and shares his anger with Mapula, whose suspicions are aroused.

Tuesday 20 April 2021
Episode 3597

A furious Mzi takes his rage out on Pule and punches him to the ground. Mzi tries to explain to Pearl that he had nothing to do with what happened but she will not hear him. And the Pastor will not let Pearl explain herself either.

Khulekani tells Zinhle that she doesn’t need to get photos off Zak’s phone anymore, he has another strategy for making things right with Nandi. Meanwhile, Zak meets with Nandi but says he does not want to sneak around behind Ziyanda’s back.

Mapula finds out that Kea lied on her CV and they have it out. Kea stands her ground, says she has no other way to get ahead in this world.

Wednesday 21 April 2021
Episode 3598

Pearl confides in Ziyanda about her messy love triangle with Mzi and Busang. Makoro allows Pearl to explain herself, but ultimately decides to end their relationship for good. Mzi is still upset with Pule. Puleng confronts Pule about his self serving reasons for betraying Mzi, but Pule denies it all.

Ziyanda reveals to Pearl that she has a son. She avoids Zak and when Zak finds out, he retaliates by reaching out to Nandi – who is back to normal and trying to figure out ways to destroy Ziyanda.

Kea thinks fast on her feet and impresses Boitshepo and the other interns on her first day at RedHub. Lefa and Mapula warn Kea to stay grounded but Kea’s started believing in her own hype.

Thursday 22 April 2021
Episode 3599

Suffo and Puleng have a disagreement about Mzi and Pule. Sonto goes behind Makoro’s back and outs Pearl’s “affair” to the tabloids. Pearl vows revenge, thinking the Ndlovus are behind it all.

Zak has his first day on campus. He’s helped out by Mapula, and then joined by Nandi, who’s honesty he finds refreshing. Ziyanda sees them together, and explodes on Nandi, saying something she regrets.

Kea enjoys being the centre of attention at Red. Until she’s given an assignment she’s not prepared for, and she has to turn to Mapula for help.

Friday 23 April 2021
Episode 3600

Mzi remains resistant to peace efforts by Suffo. Pule takes his father’s mind off things by putting together an impromptu celebration at Kilowatt. Mzi approaches Makoro’s journalist in an attempt to make right with Pearl. Pearl channels her father when she reveals to Mzi that she has the power to destroy his family.

Zinhle cannot bear to have Zak being used as a pawn in the battle of the adults. She agrees to help Ziyanda turn him away from Nandi but it backfires on them.

The day of reckoning finally arrives for Kea when Boitshepo tasks her with working on some sophisticated equipment. Kea makes a royal mess of things.

Monday 26 April 2021
Episode 3601

Mzi is shaken after his encounter with Pearl. He shoots down a peace offering from Pule and snaps at his father when Suffocate confronts him about it. Meanwhile, Puleng tells Pule he better start treating her with more respect.

andi swears to take revenge on her sister for all that has happened. She suggests to Zak that he get to know his father. Zak tells Sabelo and Fats exactly what is going on. Kea lies to her boss that her granny died – which is why her work was so bad.

Tuesday 27 April 2021
Episode 3602

Puleng is angry when Pule brings a strange woman into the house. She tells Suffocate who promises to have a word with him. Meanwhile, Sonto takes one last opportunity to gloat over Pearl about the break up.

Ziyanda shows up at JMU to try to talk to Zak but he blows her off again. She is defeated when she discovers Nandi has come to pick up Zak for a restaurant outing. At the outing, Nandi tells Zak that he can count on all the Ngobeses to be there for him.

Kea lies her way into Bongani’s upcoming gig, much to Amo’s chagrin. And Boitshepo insists that Kea take another shot at the promo jingle.

Wednesday 28 April 2021
Episode 3603

The journalist has tweeted Mzi’s offensive photo of his private parts on cyberspace and a bruhaha is building. Mzi is under pressure from the media, at work and from his own family.

Mkhulu Khanya comes to Ziyanda with a very troubling vision and dire warning. Khulekani and Zinhle are stunned when Nandi announces that Zak is joining them for dinner. Kea manipulates Amo into helping her out at work. But how long can it last?

Thursday 29 April 2021
Episode 3604

Pearl enjoys her moment of triumph over Mzi and commands him to action a second stage of humiliation. Patrick instructs Mzi to do damage control and he suffers through an excruciating interview on 9-Nine FM.

Zak informs Ziyanda that he is going to get to know his father and Nandi reveals to Ziyanda that she is working to tear her down. Amo decides to let Kea sink or swim, alone. Kea goes to Sindiswa for help.

Friday 30 April 2021
Episode 3605

Pearl puts Mzi in another impossible situation and the strain takes its toll on the Ndlovu family. When he refuses to steal cash from a wealthy client, Pearl assures him that she won’t hesitate to put Suffo away for life.

Nandi and Khulekani tell Zinhle about their decision to ask Zak to move in. Ziyanda desperately searches for answers. Zak is caught between two tough choices when he gets an invitation to move in with Ziyanda instead.

Sindiswa agrees to help Kea and sets her up with Shakes to tutor her. At first, it’s a struggle. But Kea produces a jingle that makes Shakes admit she has real talent.



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