SARS eFiling: Registration, App, Services & Contact


SARS eFiling is the official online process for submitting your tax returns to the South African Revenue Service. It was launched originally in 2001.

This service allows individual taxpayers, tax practitioners and businesses to register and submit tax returns, make payments and perform a number of other interactions with SARS in a secure online environment. The website is accessible at

SARS eFiling

How to Register for SARS eFiling

In order to use SARS eFiling, you will need your own tax reference number.
If you do not have one, please see how to get a South African tax number.

Go to
Click on Register.
You will be shown the SARS eFiling Terms and Conditions – read them to understand your rights.
You will need to click the checkbox next to “I accept” and press the Continue button to proceed.

You will then be asked to complete the registration form with your personal details. Some helpful hints:

  • you should only be registering for eFiling if you have a Tax Reference Number already.
  • if you are unsure as to whether you need to register for provisional tax, click here to find out.
  • if you are married, be sure to click the correct button for Married in Community of Property. “Married in community of property” is a legal term that means all your assets and non-working income are split evenly between you and your spouse, this information would have been recorded in your marriage contract.
  • if you have a tax practitioner then enter their details here. Your practitioner will have a practitioner registration number in the format of PR-xxxxxx which they should be able to give to you. This will help SARS identify who your practitioner is in case they need to be contacted.
  • be sure to answer the security questions with answers that you will remember. These are used to get your password back if you forget it. When asked for a Helpful Hint question, it is important to make this something that is secure and that nobody else but you is likely to guess, also something that is easily remembered. You don’t want to have to phone SARS to reset this each time you forget.
  • your password must have a number, letter and symbol as well as a capital letter – for example, johnRob#1234.
  Full List of SARS Offices in Eastern Cape

Now click Register.


SARS eFiling Services

  • Pay-As-You-Earn (EMP201 return)
  • Skills Development Levy (included on the EMP201 and EMP501 return)
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund (included on the EMP201 and EMP501 return)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT201)
  • Provisional Tax (IRP6)
  • Secondary Tax on Companies (IT56)
  • Personal Income Tax (ITR12)
  • Trusts (IT12R)
  • Advanced Tax Ruling (ATR)
  • Change of Personal Details (IT77/RFC)
  • Additional Payments
  • Request for Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Request for Tax Directive
  • Transfer Duty
  • Stamp Duty
  • Security Transfer Tax(STT)
  • Tax Practitioner Registration
  • VAT Vendor Search
  • Notification Tool
  • Tax Calculators
  • Complete history of eFiling usage
  • Customs payments
  • Air Passenger Tax payments


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