Top 10 Thrift Stores in South Africa


In order to start an thrift business, you must first locate or create your own specialty. In order to save time, a thrift store can been established.

Your collections should be focused on a particular niche that you’ve identified. You could, for example, specialise on women’s shoes or retro dresses, for instance.

Thrift Stores in South Africa

Thrift Stores in South Africa

Babette Clothing

Babatte clothing is perhaps well-known among fashionistas. In Cape Town, this is one of the city’s most well-known online thrift shops that focuses on designer clothing. If you’re looking to spend all your money on glitzy items, this is the store to go to.

It doesn’t matter if you’re like vintage South African apparel or beautiful modern South African clothing, the variety of things sold by this shop is one to die for. The store has an Instagram account and a webpage where you can see some of the products. Please call 021 424 4457 to get in touch with Babette Clothing. 41 Church Street in Cape Town houses the store’s physical location.

Dreamland Vintage

Are you a fan of vintage clothing and looking for a place to buy some of your own? Dreamland Vintage may be the nicest thing to ever happen to you. Clothes from the 1970s to the 1990s are available in the store. Because the quality of the parts hasn’t been sacrificed, it’s the best part.

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If you want to buy something, you can go to 7 Beckham Street, Gardens, Cape Town, which is where the shop is physically located. Check out the store’s Instagram page for online shopping. The shop also sells antiques for the home. The store’s Instagram feed has a gallery of its work, which you can view.

Vintage and the City

While we’re on the subject of vintage-inspired clothing, Vintage and the City is another great place to shop. Vintage and urban clothing of the highest quality may be found here, making it easy to recognize the value of fashion. Because of the high quality of the clothing, this is the finest option.

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The garments are also reasonably priced, which is another perk. You may wish to visit the shop in person at 287 Long Street, Cape Town, to get a feel for it. Visit the store’s Instagram feed to see what they have for sale. Cape Town’s thrift store, Vintage and the City, is one of the most convenient in the city.

Afraid of Mice

This is yet another vintage boutique in Cape Town to add to the list. They have done a fantastic job of repurposing existing items into new, fashionable designs. You may decide to exchange the garments for brand-new ones. In Cape Town, you may check out this cool clothing at 86 Corner of Longmarket St and Long St.

Rags and Lace

In addition to Rags and Lace, there are a number of other real-deal stores that can dress you in some of the most elegant and high-end designer wear. In Randburg, it is located at 358 Jan Smuts Ave in Craighall Park. The shop’s most intriguing feature is that it offers a 75 percent discount on items that remain unsold for three months.

Second Hand Roses 

The Second Hand Rose is Cape Town’s oldest and largest thrift shop. It focuses on some of the most fashionable evening and casual attire. Check out the company’s Instagram or website if you’d like a taste of what they have to offer before you buy. It’s also possible to go to the store located directly across the street from Cavendish Square Mall.


One of South Africa’s best vintage clothes websites is Glitterati. Since the store mostly deals in vintage apparel, purses, and jewelry, it has played a significant role in reviving the country’s vintage resurgence. Its most intriguing feature is the existence of a website showcasing all of the parts.

Never New

Never New is a second-hand clothing business that specializes in high-quality items. There is nothing more intriguing about the business than the fact that it carries clothing for people of all ages and genders. In Cape Town, you may stroll into one of the many secondhand clothing shops and leave with a piece of art.


Vintiqueen is yet another Johannesburg shop that carries the vintage vibe. The business has a wide variety of fashionable women’s clothing at low costs. This is the place to go for vintage South African gowns if you’re a fashionista.

Patou Boutique 

You’ll be smitten with the authentic designer pieces available at this store. The nicest aspect about it is that the articles of clothing and bags appear to have never been worn. Visit Patou Boutique in 360 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall Park, Sandton if you want to seem fashionable.


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