Vehicle Requirements For Driving in South Africa


Perhaps you have decided to get a car and drive yourself on the roads of South Africa. Before you think of getting into a car to drive around, you should consider getting familiar with the art of driving in South Africa. It would only make sense for you to find out the vehicle requirements for driving, which we have brought to you in this post.

The most important and first thing to note is that the minimum age for driving in South Africa is 18 years for a car, and 17 years for a motorcycle. You should also note that it is very important to pay attention to the driving rules of the road. Another requirement for driving in South Africa is your driver’s license which you are to renew every year to prevent penalties.

Driving In South Africa

South African man driving

Apart from having a driver’s license, you should always have it with you along with a valid ID whenever you are driving. This is because these documents could be requested by any officer of the law on the road.

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There are other technicalities you need to observe while driving in South Africa, one of which is the fact that drivers drive on the left side of the road. Also, at roundabouts, priority is given to the traffic heading from the right. Your vehicle is also required to have seat belts which are essential to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. It is required that everyone wears these seat belts while the car is driving on the road.

While driving in South Africa, you are prohibited to be indulged in the use of handheld cell phones or other gadgets. If you are caught violating this principle, you will be penalized.

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On South African roads, there are speed limits for drivers depending on the road. These are limits above which no driver is allowed to go. On national highways and main roads, the speed limit is 120km/h. on rural roads, the speed limit is 100km/h while the limit for urban locations is 60km/h. These limits change and so you should always look out for road signs. Hence, one of the requirements for driving in South Africa is going below the speed limit.

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As a driver in South Africa, you highly prohibited from drinking while driving. The legal blood alcohol content in South Africa is 0.05%. this translates to one or two bottles to beer depending on the driver’s body weight.

If you find yourself in an emergency on South African roads, you can dial 112 to contact emergency services. You could also place a call through to 10111 for an emergency police response of 10177 for an emergency ambulance response.

There are a few safety tips for you as a driver in South Africa. One of the tips is to drive with your windows up and your doors locked. You should also try to refrain from asking for directions from just any stranger. It is much safer to get directions at a petrol station. You should also lock your car each time it is left unattended to.


These are a few requirements and tips for you while driving in South Africa. Driving is safe and easy if you pay attention and abide by instructions. Let’s hear your thoughts and comments in the comments section.


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