Admission Requirements for Law in UCT


In this article, we will take a look at the necessary admission requirements to study Law at the University of Cape Town (UCT) needed by a candidate before gaining admission in the school.

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is one of the leading Universities in South Africa and Africa at large and her faculty of Law is also one of the best faculties in the school.

The UCT Law Faculty has a rich history of excellence, not only in its teaching and the quality of its graduates but also in its research output and impact.

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Application and Admission Requirement to Study Law

The Faculty receives a large number of applications from those hoping to study Law. Due to the limited number of places, the university is not able to admit all those who apply.

If there are more applicants who meet the admission criteria than there are places, only the best applicants will be made an offer.

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The application process is therefore quite competitive. However, the Faculty has various routes to ensure that we take more than just academic performance into account.

We encourage those with an interest in Law and who want to study Law to apply to UCT – if you don’t apply, you can’t be considered for a place in the Faculty of Law!

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When applying to UCT, you will need to select the Faculty in which you wish to study, and you will then need to select the degree programme for which you are applying. UCT offers applicants a first choice and a second choice of degree when applying.

For international students, it is important to note that there are limited places available for international applicants on the undergraduate LLB programme.

It is also very important for international students to note that obtaining an LLB from a South African university, including UCT, does not entitle non-citizens to be admitted to practice in South Africa.

Admission to the Undergraduate LLB at UCT

For the four-year straight LLB degree, applicants must specify the Faculty of Law when applying to the University of Cape Town.

All such applications are assessed on the basis of applicants’ results in the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or other school-leaving examination.

Admission to the three-year Graduate LLB at UCT

For the three-year graduate LLB degree, applicants must select the Faculty of Law when applying. This LLB programme is listed as an undergraduate degree. Applicants can only be admitted to this stream if they are a graduate of UCT or of another university or institution recognised by UCT.

Students enter this stream after completing a bachelor’s degree without a law major. Applicants must obtain an average of at least 65% in a standard undergraduate degree to be admitted to this LLB. The applicant’s results on a first sitting are used in calculating the average.

As such, the results of supplementary examinations are not included but the results of deferred examinations are included. Students with an average of less than 65% will not normally be admitted, but the Faculty may at its discretion admit students whom it believes nevertheless show the potential to succeed in their LLB studies.

In exercising its discretion, the Faculty will consider the applicant’s academic performance in the non-law subjects, taking account of the university’s policy of redress and diversity. An applicant admitted on this basis may be offered a place on the 4-year programme.


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