Top 10 Best Betting Sites in South Africa


Whether you’re betting for the thrill or for the money, it’s important to know the best betting platforms, so you can get more value for your money. Here are our top betting sites in South Africa.

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Best Betting Sites in South Africa

1. Betway Sports

Featuring sports like soccer, rugby, tennis, cricket, horse racing and golf. Betway Sports offers a wide range of sports for betters to pick from. This means Betway Sports can be the place for you, even if you don’t like the conventionally popular sports like soccer.

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The platform has an easy-to-navigate website, is optimized to function perfectly on mobile devices, accepts ZAR accounts, and has good competitive odds. Betway offers R10 free upon sign up. You can check them out via

2. Intertops

Offering 100% bonus on up to R1000. Intertops is one of the best platforms for betting in South Africa. Intertops features soccer, rugby, tennis, cricket, horse racing and golf, offering customers a wide variety of options to pick from.

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Apart from the ridiculous welcome bonus, Intertops is also a long-established brand that has built credibility over the years. It has a 24/7 rapid response customer service team, and it has an excellent refer a friend scheme. Intertops is in over 180 countries in the world. You can check them out via

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3. Punt Casino

Offering R200 worth of free chips, Punt Casino is one of the best betting platforms in South Africa. Punt Casino has an excellent payout speed, good bonuses and offers, tight security and a wide variety of games, as well as seamless software. You can check them out at

4. Yebo Casino

Offering R350 worth of free chips upon signing up, Yebo Casino is the place to be to get good, speedy and safe returns on your gambles.

Yebo Casino is particularly strong on the bonuses and offers they frequently dish out to their customers. They also assure a decent payout speed and top-notch security. You can check them out via

5. Sportingbet

With a 100% sign up bonus of up to R10,000, Sportingbet is undoubtedly one of the best betting sites in South Africa. Sportingbet offers a wide range of sports, including but not limited to golf, horse racing, soccer, cricket, tennis and rugby.

Sportingbet offers, amongst other things, a good deposit bonus, broad live betting markets, quick bets and a great customer service. With 8,000 different betting opportunities across 30 different sports, Sportingbet has something for everyone. You can check them out via

6. Playa Bets

Playa Bets offers a 100% deposit bonus of up to R10.000, and is one of the most comprehensive online betting services for sports fans in South Africa. They provide a wide choice of sports including cricket, rugby and soccer, and offer over 12,000 live in-play betting opportunities every month.

Besides the healthy deposit bonus, Playa Bets also offers quick bets, broad live betting markets and great customer service. You can check them out via

7. KTO Sports

KTO is a relatively new betting platform, but they have been going strong. KTO offers a range of reasons why you should pick them, including a 96%+ payout on premier league games, 97%+ odds on basketball games, a wide range of over 40 sports, Quickbet and Superbet feats, 6 different odd formats, many special bets and a live Multiview feature.

Though their platform has some weak points, especially on the cashout area, KTO Sports is still a very decent betting platform. You can check them out via

8. Thunderbolt Casino

Besides their R10,000 free bonus, Thunderbolt has many reasons for you to opt for their site to do your betting. Their payout speed is also very top-notch, as well as their security and software and games.

Though Thunderbolt Casino is still a small casino revenue-wise, we believe they are doing a lot of things right. You can check them out via

9. Springbok Casino

Offering a free bonus of R11,500, Springbok Casino is definitely one of the best betting sites in South Africa. A trusted brand, Springbok has been around for years. They offer great bonuses and great competitive odds.

Though they don’t have the best loyalty program, their excellent customer service and wide range of casino options still make them a site you want to try out. You can check them out via

10. Hollywood Bets

Hollywood bets offer a signup bonus of R35. Having opened their first branch in 2000, they now have an impressive 84 stores across South Africa. Their desktop online platform is also very good, though it might seem like a lot at first. The mobile platform is more preferable and designed to sync well with smartphones.

With one of the fastest withdraw times in South Africa (24-48 hours) Hollywood Bets is a safe bet. You can check them out via

So here are our top 10 betting sites. May the odds be in your favour!


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