Top 10 Best Car Insurance in South Africa


In order to drive, you must have automobile insurance. In the event of an accident, an automobile insurance coverage can assist protect you and possibly others financially.

To find the best options for your auto insurance, it’s s important to know a few facts regarding a car insurance coverage in order to make the best decisions for your policy.

How much does South African car insurance cost? When contacting companies for auto insurance quotes, you’ll notice that all policies fall into three categories: Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft, and Third Party.

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In addition, personalized short-term policies, such as breakdown covers, are now available. So, who in South Africa has the best auto insurance? The following are ten examples:

Best Car Insurance in South Africa

1. AA

If you’re looking for an auto insurance policy, they have all three basic types available, as well as a variety of add-on options. There is a special package for seniors over the age of 60, and their rates are very reasonable.

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Benefits of car insurance include:

Up to 50% savings on additional fees.

There is no additional charge if you get your vehicle repaired by an AA-approved shop.

In addition to round-trip towing, overnight lodging, and car rental, you’ll get a year’s worth of free service.

a whole array of assistance options

Rescue and security at the roadside

Emergency medical assistance

The following extras are available:

Assist with fines

The Pothole Damage Assist Stand By You guards will keep you safe on the side of the road while you wait for help.

Licence Renewal Assistance with Accident Claim

2. Momentum

Their insurance options include the standard three types of coverage, plus a variety of additional options that can be purchased to increase your protection. They don’t charge any additional fees and guarantee your premiums for a full year, whether or not you make a claim. Momentum Explorer is also available for people who go outside of the country with their autos.

Benefits of Momentum car insurance 

Premiums that are tailored to your specific needs. Coverage options for your vehicle:

Car insurance policies that include a wide range of coverage are called comprehensive policies.

Third-party, fire, and theft coverage is limited.

Only the vehicle’s insurance covers the driver’s responsibility to other people.

The drivers already work on a regular basis, so there’s no need to nominate any of them.

Automobiles are insured at the retail value, however the market value option is available.

Complimentary 24-hour roadside assistance

Claims can now be submitted more quickly and easily via their mobile app.

When you activate SafeDayzTM and complete the Safety Score, you can receive a cashback bonus of up to 30% on your auto and home insurance premiums each year.

3. King Price

All sorts of insurance are quickly becoming top notch at King Price, and they’re doing rather well with their auto insurance.


Decreasing premiums

Quick and easy claims

The King’s Cab

Emergency assist

4. Discovery

In comparison to other insurance providers, Discovery offers a greater range of options. In addition, they provide a number of added-value items. In addition to the three types of insurance they provide, they also provide a variety of various insurance plans that include comprehensive coverage as well.


Help in an emergency situation – No matter if you aren’t there, if your automobile has been seriously damaged and authorities can’t reach you, you will receive quick aid.

Being able to locate your automobiles – Using a smartphone, you may quickly track down your automobiles in real time.

Your smartphone has a “panic button” – With their smartphone app, you can access fast aid in an emergency.

Avoid the elements – Get alerted when inclement weather is on the way.

Parking that’s devoid of hassle – Allows you to enter and exit shopping malls with little fuss, as well as early theft detection.

Comprehensive plans on Discovery





5. MiWay

Car insurance from MiWay can be tailored to the specific needs of the policyholder. As an additional option, MiWay offers Total Loss, which protects customers from write-offs, theft, or hijacking of their vehicles, and limited liability for third parties. Non-catastrophic damages are not covered by the insurance.

Comprehensive Milway plans

Premiums that are affordable

An easy-to-follow excess structure

Excellent customer service — as well as the flexibility to manage your insurance online.

A simple claims process — file your claim online or using our app.

Roadside help is provided for free.

Six free trips on WeDrive (MiWay’s take-me-home service).

6. OUTsurance

OUTsurance offers two types of plans: Comprehensive and Essential. They take pride in being the most affordable insurance company, offering a financial incentive to potential customers who find a quote that is lower than theirs.

OUTsurance comprehensive automobile insurance includes the following benefits:

10% cash OUTbonus — If you have been claim-free for three years, you will receive 10% of your paid auto insurance premiums back in cash.

Free roadside assistance — As an OUTsurance customer, you receive automatic access to Help@OUT, their 24-hour roadside emergency support service.

Premiums guaranteed for a year – You may lock in your vehicle insurance price for a year at a time, even if you file claims during that time.

Low flat excess – regardless of the value or extent of your claim, your excess stays fixed.

Hand-picked panel beaters — Have your vehicle fixed by an authorized service provider who will guarantee the repairs for a full year.

OUTsurance essential auto insurance provides you with the following benefits:

Liability cover of up to R1 million – If you are legally liable for damage to a third party’s car as a result of an accident that was your fault, they will pay for damages up to a maximum of R1 million – with no excess payable.

Theft coverage – If your vehicle is stolen, they will reimburse you for the full retail value minus your excess amount.

You can specify maximum accidental cover up to 40% of the vehicle’s retail value – If your vehicle is destroyed in an accident or due to fire, explosion, earthquake, snow, hail, flood, or storm, OUTsurance will pay out the value of the damage up to the maximum amount specified.

You have complete control over the repair procedure, and your claim will always be paid in cash. You can search around for the best deal and schedule repairs with the service provider of your choice.

Other Excellent Automobile Insurance Companies

  • Santam 
  • Hollard 
  • Budget
  •  1st For Women
  •  Virgin
  •  Dial Direct
  •  Unity Auto
  •  And General


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