Top 5 Best Coding Schools in South Africa


Careers24, one of the most popular recruiting websites in South Africa, estimates that about 680 000 people per year look for possible workers who have programming abilities. There are only 30 000 qualified programmers in Johannesburg. Computational skills are in high demand throughout this booming metropolis.

IT and software engineering professionals are in high demand in South Africa at all times. Particularly in Johannesburg, there is a great demand for programmers,.NET programmers, IT project managers, QA analysts, system administrators, and Java programmers.

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South Africans can now learn HTML, PHP, and Javascript programming to create advanced web applications. There are numerous coding schools and boot camps in South Africa, but the following are the most popular:

Best Coding Schools in South Africa

1. HyperionDev

HyperionDev is a well-known software development school in Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa.

The Woodstock Exchange is where they have their main office. They specialize in online coding bootcamps that last 3 to 6 months on average.

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They have important collaborations with universities like the University of Cape Town, the University of Edinburgh, and UNISA Enterprise. Web stack development, software engineering, and web development are just a few of the courses available.

2. CodeSpace

In Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa, CodeSpace is a software training institute.

Web design, software development, front and back end development, and mobile app development are among the courses available.

3. Code College

Code College is a South African educational institution located in Sandton. Pinewood Office Park is where they are located. In 1990, Code College was founded.

They teach Web development, AI development, Java, Angular, Python, React, and SQL, among other things. They are coding and programming experts.

4. School of IT

School of IT is a South African software training institute based in Cape Town.

Programming, web design, ethical hacking, full stack development, blockchain, data science, and coding for kids are among the topics covered. They have received international recognition. The duration of their course is three months.

5. codeX

In Cape Town, South Africa, codeX is a well-known computer training school.

Their program runs all year to ensure that practical skills are properly learned. Agile Thinking, self-paced learning, industry access, and personal development are values they hold dear.

They concentrate on full stack web development, which includes JavaScript, MySQL, Ajax, HTML, Dom, and ExpressJS, among other technologies.


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