List of Bursaries for Medicine in South Africa


Developing the medical profession is essential to every society’s advancement. Many bursaries and scholarship programmes for medical students are available in South Africa. Because the greatest students aren’t necessarily the ones who can afford a lot of money, this is a means to support students who want to study medicine or other medical-related courses. 

Several of these bursary programmes are sponsored by well-known medical experts, while others are funded by municipal governments and health management organisations with the goal of preparing the next generation of medical professionals to work for these organisations. 

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Bursaries for Medicine in South Africa

The following bursaries may be of interest to you if you are confident in your talents but lack the financial resources to complete your education: 

Medicine Bursaries in South Africa 

The Bongani Mayosi National Health Scholars Program

The Bongani Mayosi National Health Scholars Program was created by the University of Limpopo’s Department of Research Administration to provide financial assistance to students pursuing a career in healthcare. 

Candidates seeking medical research Ph.D.s can apply for this grant. Violence, injury, and trauma are all included in this program’s focus areas. 

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Digital health is also part of the package. 

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria: 

Applicants must have a master’s or a doctorate in medicine from a recognised university. 

Anyone pursuing a doctorate in a health-related discipline must currently be in the second year of their studies. 

Applicants must be nationals or legal residents of South Africa. 

The Application Process Is As Follows: 

The online application form must be filled out by eligible individuals. Please contact Ms. Colleen Van Wyk at or Tel: 021 938 0384 if you have any questions or concerns. 

Bursary for Mediclinic Hospitals 

Hospitalization, surgical theatres, and intensive care units are all available at Mediclinic’s worldwide sites. 

There are offices in South Africa, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates for this business (UAE). Students interested in a career in medicine can apply for “learnerships” through Mediclinic, which provides subsidies equivalent to that term. As a result of your efforts, the corporation has agreed to pay for your college tuition. Operating Department Assistance and Enrolled Nurse are the two options that are currently on the menu. 

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria: 

A South African citizen must apply. 

Applicants must hold a high school diploma or equivalent, such as the Matriculation or Grade 12 diploma. 

Applicants must not be currently registered to study at SA or SANC Nursing Council. 


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