The Disadvantages of Bursaries and Scholarships


As seen in the previous post that scholarship has so many advantages, it also has a few disadvantages because of the process of applying and the maintenance of the scholarship. So  I will go through different disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Bursaries and Scholarships

1. Insufficient Seats

This is actually the biggest disadvantage of scholarship, because of the limited number of seats which result in just a few people receiving the benefits of scholarship while other students that are unable to finance their academics either drop out from school or they finish their academics with a lot of debt hanging around their neck.

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2. Biased process

Few scholarships are biased on either connection of some students to people in higher authority or origin tribe of these students. This prejudice makes it frustrating and discourages some student from applying

3. Misuse of scholarship

Some students actually take scholarship for granted, because of the free education some relax on their studies and don’t study well in school. This eventually leads to them graduating with a very poor result.

4. Pressure to perform

To maintain scholarship students need to keep their performance high in school. This makes them work tirelessly and also stay awake during the night just to satisfy the scholarship board, this might eventually mess with the psychological aspect of their life especially if they fail to satisfy the scholarship board.

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With all these cons, the benefits of scholarship still outweigh it. So if a student can manage these disadvantages well it is best to have a scholarship.


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