Start Your Journey in Cryptocurrency Investing in BitiQ!


Activatingatt will rebrand to BitiQ in 2022, reflecting change and growth for many cryptocurrency investors. Cryptocurrencies find their way into the news all the time. There are new coins introduced to the market all the time and many are becoming big names in the industry.

This provides a lot of opportunities for investors to get into the market and explore all that cryptocurrencies have to offer to them. 

Traditional trading platforms for cryptocurrencies are hard to use and expensive. They tend to put up a lot of roadblocks and have done nothing to eliminate some of these issues or make it easier for traders to use their services. 


BitiQ is different from all the rest. The BitiQ platform is a rebranding effort from Activatingatt to provide the best experience for all investors. The goal of BitiQ is to make cryptocurrency more accessible to everyone, allowing any investor to get onto the platform and experience more about cryptocurrency.

Investors can say goodbye to the fees, the bulky platforms, and the bad security that come with past trading platforms and say hello to all that BitiQ has to offer. 

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Why BitiQ is the Best Cryptocurrency Platform

Investors have a lot of choices when it comes to the right cryptocurrency platform for all their exploring and trading needs. But many platforms are going to make it difficult to work with this currency and with the high fees and low security, many customers choose to not even look into cryptocurrency in the first place. 

This is where BitiQ can come into play. BitiQ is working to change the cryptocurrency market and make it easier for customers to invest and get good results in no time. Some benefits of BitiQ includes:

  1. Accessible and easy to use: Customers will find that the BitiQ website is simple to use and accessible to everyone. You do not need to download any software to get your account and all the innovative features make this a great option for everyone to choose. 
  2. Free account: Customers can sign up for their account for free. This makes it affordable to get started. Anyone can sign up for a free account and explore how cryptocurrency works and even get started investing if they want. Since affiliate partners help to pay for BitiQ, investors and customers can use it for free. 
  3. Customer Service: BitiQ stands out with its customer service. Too many platforms have horrible customer service available, and this can frustrate customers all around. BitiQ has a dedicated customer support team that will provide you with all the help you need when setting up your account or when problems show up. 
  4. Enhanced security: Investors never have to worry about their money disappearing or not being where they leave it. With BitiQ, you can rest assured that your money will be right where you left it thanks to the enhanced security measures that they put on their platform. 
  5. Automated solutions: Investors will be able to benefit from some automated solutions available on BitiQ. These automated solutions allow the individual investor to get into the market and choose their parameters, increasing the amount of time they can invest, even when they are asleep. 
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Investors will find that using BitiQ is much easier than any other platform they may use on the market. This makes it a good option for many to use, no matter how they want to use cryptocurrency. With affordable trading, user-friendly interface, and amazing customer service, BitiQ is the one trading platform you should consider for cryptocurrency investing. 

BitiQ is Changing the Way Cryptocurrency Trading is Done

BitiQ is here and ready to change the cryptocurrency market. By providing a free cryptocurrency trading platform, making it easy to access, and providing some great automated solutions, customers will quickly see how BitiQ is able to stand out from the market

Traditional trading platforms are set up to make cryptocurrency trading and investing hard. It can take several days just to get the money moved from your bank to the trading platform, making it possible to miss out on a lot of great opportunities. With high fees, bad customer support, and lots of delays, traditional platforms make it hard for anyone to even consider cryptocurrency. 

All of this has changed thanks to BitiQ. With BitiQ, cryptocurrency trading does not have to be a hassle. With more and more investors choosing to invest in cryptocurrency, it makes sense that the process will be simple and easy to use BitiQ helps make this possible. 

Choosing BitiQ for Your Cryptocurrency Investing Today

BitiQ is here to change the way investors trade in cryptocurrency. For any customer who has struggled with reservations about cryptocurrency trading in the past, BitiQ is an affordable and easy way to give trading a try. Set up your free account today and join the world of cryptocurrency in no time. 


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