List of all Damelin Courses without Matric


College Courses You Can Take Without Matriculation or Grade 12

Do not have a high school diploma and wish to continue your education? You’re in luck, then. We provide a variety of non-matriculated courses. Choose one and get started.

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The days when a high school diploma was enough to land a good job are long gone. You have a plethora of career options even if you lack a high school diploma.

Damelin Courses without Matric

You can rise to the top of the corporate ladder if you have the correct set of skills. Interested in learning more? Get started with our list of college courses that don’t require matriculation or grade 12 by browsing through it.

What Courses Can You Take Without A High School Diploma?

The number of courses you can take without matriculating is nearly infinite. In order to get the career you’ve always desired, you can continue your education. Courses that don’t require a high school diploma can be found among the many that we provide. Among them:

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Training that Has Been Recognized

Earn an approved diploma without having to complete high school today. An external examining board certifies accredited courses. Accreditation agencies set high requirements for themselves. NQF regulations state that a course must achieve these standards. You’ll have a higher chance of landing a job if you finish an accredited program.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Classes

Are you an expert when it comes to handling money and numbers? Consider a career in accounting or bookkeeping if this sounds like something that interests you. Without a high school diploma, you can take advantage of our selection of Bookkeeping Courses. Learn business and finance-related skills in our ICB Courses. ICB courses that do not require a high school diploma include:

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Entrepreneurship Certification at the Federal Level Management of Small Businesses

The CIMA Small Business Certificate Program

A CIMA Course is your best bet if you wish to become an established accountant. Courses offered by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) are well-known around the world. Become a member of the world’s largest accounting organization by learning useful skills.

Start with the Certificate in Business Accounting Course if you want to become a CIMA accountant. It’s possible to continue your education at the following levels:

Qualifications for Working in the Military

Course for Managers
Courses at the Strategic Level
Guy in yellow T-shirt is studying on a computer in front of it. Skills Academy offers a wide variety of non-matriculated courses.
Courses That Are Free to Take
You’ve found the ideal location if you want to improve your abilities. Without a high school diploma, you can take advantage of our comprehensive selection of skills-based courses. No matter what field you’re interested in, we can help you get started. We offer:

  • Courses in Human Resources Management
  • Courses for Parents Who Need to Take Care of Children
  • Courses in computer technology
  • Courses in Interior Design and Photographic Technique
  • Courses in Project Management
  • Courses in Makeup Artistry
  • Secretarial Training Programs
  • Classes that are less than a semester in length
  • Courses in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Courses in Financial Management


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