Requirements to Study Engineering in South Africa


Engineering is a highly sought-after and challenging career that involves a high level of creativity and logical reasoning to solve social issues. Engineers use science and mathematics to solve issues. As a result, the engineer will need to come up with innovative ways to improve the world around them.

Engineering is a rewarding profession. There are very few occupations that allow you to use both sides of your brain at the same time, and few that reward you for it. As well as making a meaningful impact on the world around you.

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Study Engineering in South Africa

Using scientific concepts, engineers create and construct everything from bridges and tunnels to roads and automobiles and buildings.


Engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)

Electrical Engineering B6ELSQ 32 BEng Mechanical Engineering B6MESQ 32 BEng Civil Engineering B6CISQ 32 are all B6ELSQ degrees.

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A degree in civil engineering from the University of Cape Town is fully approved by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). Students must commit to at least four years of study in order to get the degree.

In South Africa, do you need maths to be an engineer?

Regardless matter what type of engineering you’re interested in, you’ll need a solid grasp of arithmetic. Science A-levels are required in most cases, as well. Depending on the subject matter, you may be required to take chemistry and math.

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Are there any engineering programs in South Africa that don’t require math?

As of 2022, students seeking admission to BE and B. Tech programs will no longer have to take mathematics and physics as a requirement in Class 12. In the fifth semester of the engineering program, math is required.

Is it possible to get a diploma in engineering in South Africa?

There is a lot greater emphasis in engineering diplomas on practical aspects of the industry. Your course work will be far more “hands-on” if you are pursuing a diploma or degree. After earning your engineering diploma, you can also pursue a BTech degree by completing an additional year of study.

In South Africa, how long does it take to get a degree in engineering?

The K to 12 (Kindergarten to Grade 12) reform in the Philippines means that engineering courses will be shortened from five to four years, and other four-year college courses may also be shortened as a result.

In South Africa, how many credits are required to obtain an engineering degree?

Engineers need to complete 44-46 half-course equivalents (132-138 credits) and four years of full time study to get a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Your degree plan will be extended by one year if you choose to do an internship.

In South Africa, what high school courses are required to pursue a career in engineering?

Preparation for an Engineering Degree in High School

Courses to Consider in High School.

Four years of college-preparatory English instruction is required.

Four years of math. Chemistry, biology, and physics are all required courses.

For two years, students study social studies.

Two years of study in a foreign language.

What are my options for obtaining an engineering degree in South Africa after completing a diploma program?

With the Lateral Entry Program, students who have completed a 3-year diploma in engineering or a B.Sc. degree or an equivalent examination with at least 50% marks and Mathematics as a mandatory subject in Class XII can be admitted directly to the second year of their chosen university or engineering college.


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