DiepCity Teasers for June 2021


DiepCity is a South African telenovela that centers around the life of Nokuthula “Nox” Jele, a small time burglar and hustler. It also explores the lives of three other young women who are interwined with Nox, all connected by the fact that they committed crimes in high school in order to make ends meet.

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Premiere episodes of DiepCity air on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 20h30.


Tuesday 1 June 2021
Episode 42

Emboldened by the presence of the gun, Sne insists that she and Fistos talk about their relationship. Nox, Lerato, Asanda and Sne think their warehouse robbery has gone without a hitch but Thabo has other plans for them.

Wednesday 2 June 2021
Episode 43 

As Asanda tries to figure out what is going on with Charleston, Sne contemplates using the gun in retaliation when Fistos punishes her for a small mistake. Nox visits her mother and for the first time in long time mother and daughter bond over a meal.

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Thursday 3 June 2021
Episode 44

An interruption keeps Sne from taking a life. A reminder of Maureen’s desperate dalliance with Jomo, in Mgedeza’s hands and threatens to expose Maureen.

Friday 4 June 2021
Episode 45

Nox is on cloud nine after her and Herbert finally have done the deed, but that bliss is overshadowed by Sne’s troubles. A squabble between Fistos and Sne leads to a gun being pulled out.

Monday 7 June 2021
Episode 46

Fistos wants Sne to come home and is even prepared to lie to convince her. Mgedeza wonders when Maureen will deal with her sibling issues as she avoids taking her sisters phone calls.

Tuesday 8 June 2021
Episode 47

Maureen has an unexpected visitor, her sister, Dakalo, who announces she’s getting married and she needs Mgedeza’s help. Themba is ready to take matters into his own hands and teach Fistos a lesson and Nox supports him. Lerato finds new clients for the workshop

Wednesday 9 June 2021
Episode 48

Fistos finally faces punishment for his years of abuse to Sne. Themba and Nox rally the community to deliver mob justice. Maureen opens up to her sister about her struggle to have children and Dakalo offers to be Maureen’s surrogate.

Thursday 10 June 2021
Episode 49

Mgedeza, having been strong armed into agreeing to represent Dakalo in her marriage discussions, tries to negotiate Dakalo’s lobolo. Nox asks Themba to help her work on the taxis that have been brought to the workshop.

Friday 11 June 2021
Episode 50

Sne once again falls for Fistos charm when he returns home from the hospital. Themba is heartbroken with Sne choosing to go back to Fistos that he goes to drown his sorrows and ends up disappearing into the night with the bride-to-be.

Monday 14 June 2021
Episode 51

Post the wild bachelorette party, Dakalo is missing in action and while everyone wonders where she is, she wakes up in Themba’s arms. The girls do a radio interview about their workshop.

Tuesday 15 June 2021
Episode 52

Dakalo is still AWOL and Bra Zoli is determined to find the police but then Dakalo turns up like nothing is wrong. The girls radio interview is broadcast, and everyone is uplifted by the celebration of their dream.

Wednesday 16 June 2021
Episode 53

After Fistos gets a taste of his own medicine with the ice bath, he starts to confront Sne over how she’s treating him. Meanwhile Themba and Nox plan an intervention and hope that roping Mgedeza in may help.

Thursday 17 June 2021
Episode 54

Sne realises what Nox, Themba and Mgedeza are up to and she stops them, insisting that she has to fix this herself. Nox has to step up and fix the car at the workshop’s cost and in the end the customer is happy.

Friday 18 June 2021
Episode 55

Fistos resists leaving, thinking he can talk Sne out of this decision but for the first time in a long time, Sne is very clear that she no longer wants to be with Fistos.

Monday 21 June 2021
Episode 56

Sne must face life without Fistos for the first time in a long time. She worries he may retaliate by keeping his children from her but Makazi assures her that won’t happen. Sne makes peace with Themba and with her friends.

Tuesday 22 June 2021
Episode 57

Bonga feels the pressure of Thandiwe’s absence as Lungile starts to rebel and not come home on time. Someone is watching the workshop, but we don’t know how.

Wednesday 23 June 2021
Episode 58

Themba asks Lerato to help him make up for his mistake last week and they hatch a plan to steal customers from another mechanic. Sne and Asanda meet a nice lady who seems to be interested in their business, they don’t realise that it’s Soja.

Thursday 24 June 2021
Episode 59

The mechanic whose customers Themba and Lerato stole, confront the girls at the workshop and Nox and Asanda must solve the problem. Herbert meets Soja and neither of them release that they have Nox in common.

Friday 25 June 2021
Episode 60

Bonga and Lungile clash when she comes home late. Nox is flipping out over Soja’s return and she lies to Herbert regarding who Soja is. Soja wants Nox to leave Diepsloot with her and go to Cape Town where Soja has set up roots.

Monday 28 June 2021
Episode 61

Nox establishes that indeed Soja is out free. Khumo is worried about Lungile as she has been bunking some classes.

Tuesday 29 June 2021
Episode 62

Soja is putting pressure on Nox to make her decision to leave with her but Nox is trying to think of how to get rid of Soja. Bonga ropes Khelina in to help him with Lungile when he has days off work but Lungile flips out on Khelina trying to mother her.

Wednesday 30 June 2021
Episode 63

Nox tries to convince everyone that Soja hasn’t changed but they all remind her that she’s been given a second chance so why shouldn’t Soja be given the benefit of the doubt. Soja threatens to hurt Herbert if Nox rejects her.


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