Differences between TVET and FET college


What’s the Difference Between TVET and FET Colleges?

Considering to go to college but unsure about the differences between a FET and a TVET institution? We’re here to help. Find out the difference between these two schools by reading on.

Numerous post-secondary colleges are available to students in South Africa. There are some students who do not want to go to a public university and instead attend a vocational or occupational college.

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TVET college

When it comes to choose which institutions to attend, abbreviations like a FET College and a TVET College can be bewildering.

So, what is a FET college, and how does it differ from other colleges?

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It stands for Further Education and Training College, which is a phrase that has been used for a while but has been altered to TVET. From 10th to 12th grade, students can take advantage of a variety of postsecondary options, such as technical schools, community colleges, and private universities, all of which emphasize more career-focused education and training.

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There are both private and state colleges at the post-secondary level. Prospective college students should check the registration and accreditation status of any private colleges they are considering attending before submitting an application.

There are no differences between FET and TVET because FET is only the older moniker for TVET.

Vocational and technical education and training is referred to as TVET. Students at the TVET College receive education and training tailored to a specific set of career options, including everything from entry-level positions to start-up businesses.

Certain prerequisites must be met before a student can be accepted into the University of Technology and continue their studies at an advanced level in the same field of study.

The term “TVET” refers to public colleges that get funding and subsidies from the state. So long as they complete all the other standards, students enrolled in TVET Colleges are eligible for NSFAS support.


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