Top 10 Most Popular Colleges In South Africa 2020


According to popularity by many students, these are colleges most students will want to go to due to their fame, popularity and reputation. In no particular order, here is a list of the most famous colleges in South Africa.

Most Popular Colleges In South Africa

1. Rosebank College

Rosebank College for over 70 years Rosebank College, a brand of the Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) since 2005, has delivered quality tertiary education to students across South Africa, they also allows students to survive in today’s working world, so one can choose to study full time, part time or distance learning.

The college also helps its graduates with the theory they need to be successful in their career paths, they also prepare the graduates for employment. Each Rosebank College campus provides a range of services such as career coaching sessions, graduate placements and advice on various jobs and employment opportunities in the market.

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2. Damelin

Damelin ensures that all their programmes are kept in line with the latest job market . Delivering education to the people for more than 70 years, Damelin is an award-winning brand that is committed to academic excellence.

Most importantly, that understand that life is not only about learning – it’s about achieving a successful career. Damelin College offers a wide range of innovative and relevant Higher Education as well as Further Education and Training qualifications that rival some of the best colleges in the country.

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3. Boston

Boston is a multi award-winning tertiary education institution that has been around for over twenty-five years and has acquired the reputation of not just educating students in their chosen career paths but educating them for life.

Boston offers over 100 programme options, including a degrees, several diplomas and higher certificates, occupational and short programmes, making sure there is a career option for almost every student. Boston also helps students to apply their creativity, energy and enthusiasm in education

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4. Central Johannesburg College

Central Johannesburg College is a public Further Education and Training College that offers a wide range of qualifications. Providing full time, per time and distance learning. One can also study here without a matric, the payment is also flexible.

5. PC Training

PC Training & Business College, has evolved and become a premier Institution of Higher Learning. Over thuousand learners have completed a range of qualifications over this period. Programmes are available on contact as well as e-learning.

6. Varsity College

“Founded 20 years ago, Varsity College is an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), the largest, most accredited private education provider in the country and the institution responsible for all academic matters at Varsity College.

There are a number of academic and special interest student societies at Varsity College, as well as numerous sporting programs, which vary between campuses. Varsity College runs general sports clubs, with teams including rugby, action soccer, golf, waterpolo, basketball, and hockey.

7. Jeppe College

Jeppe College of Commerce and Computer Studies is a Further Education & Training (FET) Institution, established to promote and uphold comprehensive education and training needs and aimed at addressing educational and training backlogs and imbalances.

They address education inequalities by providing a balanced learning environment facilitated by a carefully selected, highly qualified staff to produce well-grounded graduates.

8. Intec College

INTEC College is one of the South African market leaders in Further Education and Training via distance learning. Intec college offers 300+ courses.

They are divided into schools, including the Business School, Technical Studies, Vocational School, and others. They claim more than 120,000 active students, and have students ranging in age from 14 to 90.

9. Pretoria Technical College

Pretoria Technical College was founded in 1998, the college has an impressive history of pioneering education and research with a particular emphasis on “education for the professions”. The Pretoria Technical College is also regarded as one of the South Africa’s leading Private Colleges with a National reputation for academic excellence.

The innovative teaching and learning model helps all the students to meet the challenges of higher education and earn the certificates and credentials they need to advance their careers or get employment.

10. Lyceum College

Lyceum offers all the benefits of distance learning. You can continue to earn while you learn via correspondence, and you can plan your studies according to your schedule. Lyceum’s wide range of distance learning courses are far more affordable than face-to-face studies.

For over 100 years, Lyceum Correspondence College has been educating students in its focus areas of Traffic Management and Policing, Business Studies, Education, and Fleet Management. The college is dedicated to meeting the changing needs of students as determined by these growing industries.


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