Dollar to Rand Exchange Rate Today (January 2021)


How Much Is Dollar To Rand Exchange Rate Today {Updated Daily}

The Rand to Dollar exchange rate though pegged at an official rate of 1 USD = 14.5783 ZAR had been at what could be described as freefall in the market.

Though in recent days it has been fluctuating, falling and rising every day. This rate isn’t encouraging, in fact, many South Africans now spend more buying less, an act that shouldn’t be.

We would be highlighting the reasons why it is so. To check this page for any changes in the dollar rate, save or bookmark the link below

Dollar To Rand Exchange Rate Today (January 2021): 1 USD = 14.5783 ZAR

dollar to rand today

Dollars to South-African-Rands

South-African-Rands to Dollars

1 USD 14.5783 ZAR 1 ZAR 0.0686 USD
2 USD 29.1566 ZAR 2 ZAR 0.1372 USD
5 USD 72.8914 ZAR 5 ZAR 0.343 USD
10 USD 145.7828 ZAR 10 ZAR 0.686 USD
15 USD 218.6742 ZAR 15 ZAR 1.0289 USD
20 USD 291.5656 ZAR 20 ZAR 1.3719 USD
25 USD 364.4569 ZAR 25 ZAR 1.7149 USD
50 USD 728.9139 ZAR 50 ZAR 3.4298 USD
100 USD 1457.8278 ZAR 100 ZAR 6.8595 USD
500 USD 7289.1388 ZAR 500 ZAR 34.2976 USD
1000 USD 14578.2777 ZAR 1000 ZAR 68.5952 USD
2500 USD 36445.6942 ZAR 2500 ZAR 171.488 USD
5000 USD 72891.3884 ZAR 5000 ZAR 342.976 USD
10000 USD 145782.7768 ZAR 10000 ZAR 685.9521 USD
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Do you know that there are actually some facts about the dollars you do not know? surprising right, well this article is about to show you a lot you do not know about the dollar.

But before we go through with that, let us break down a little history about the dollars. We make use of different currency notes now or later.

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From the dollars to the Euro, Rand, and others. We make use of them to purchase goods ranging from food items and others, paying bills and do other things.

On April 2, 1792, the United States Congress created the U.S dollars as the standard unit of money for the country. The word dollar is derived from low Saxton cognate of the High German Thaler.

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Before the use of the paper money, coins were first in use, the most commonly circulated and readily available currency used by common Americans at that time was the Spanish Peso which was also known as the Spanish milled dollars and this was of much value for its high silver content.

In those days gold and silver traded at a ratio that hardly varied over centuries. It was known as a “Bimetallic” System. In time, gold became the central monetary basis rather than silver. Britain used the monometallic system in 1816, the United States wholly adopted this system until 1900.

The first U.S paper dollar was issued in 1875. The sign on the U.S paper dollar ($) has lots of theories. However, there is one which is widely accepted all over, this was according to the Bureau of engraving and printing that the dollars sign goes back to the Spanish Peso. Now below are some interesting facts about the Dollars.


  1. Martha Washington America’s first lady once graced the $1 silver certificate. Nowadays the bill could be worth a good chunk of change even more than $1,000 depending on its quality. This was in 1886, 1891, 1896.
  2. Do you know that the largest bill ever printed was $100,000 bill? It was actually a Gold certificate issued in 1934. These notes were used for transactions between Federal Reserve banks and they were not circulated among the general public.
  3. Do you know that the U.s currency is not made of paper, it consists of a 75% cotton, 25% linen blend with silk fibres running through it. This is what makes it durable and lasts longer for use ( Still on How Much Is Dollar To Rand Exchange Rate Today ).
  4. 90% of paper money in U.s cities holds traces of cocaine in it. Shocking right, not only cocaine, 94% of 68 dollar bills that were tested had bacteria on them. The bacteria on them could cause an infection like Pneumonia and other infections.
  5. Check the top right corner of a dollar bill, use a magnifying glass just to the left of the top of the “I” there is what appears to be either a tiny spider or owl in the webbing pattern.
  6. Hope you also know that incomplete or a torn dollar bill is not worthless, you can tape 2 halves of a dollar bill together and the bank will replace it.
  7. You can trace where the dollar bill in your hand has been by using a site called where’s George, just enter the serial number of your bill and the site tracks it. The site has had over 270 million bills entered.
  8. Do you know that a one dollar bill falls out of circulation on average after 5.8 years according to the Federal Reserve Bank? That’s compared to the $10 bills low 4.5 years lifespan and a high of 1.5 years for the $100 bill.
  9. Take your $1 bill, look at the eagle on the back. The arrows in the eagle’s left talon represent peace.
  10. Hope you know that the two words are written above the pyramid logo “Annuit Coeptis” means “Providence Has Favoured Our Undertakings”. “Novus Ordo Seclorum” means “A New Order of the Ages” which refers to our historic form of government. This is below the pyramid.

Some Major Reasons For High Dollar To Rand Exchange Rate Today


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