Famous Online Female Gamblers of All Time


In the past, the world of gambling, whether offline or online, was predominantly dominated by men. However, with the advent of online gaming and a shift in societal norms, more women have not only started to play but also dominate in the arena.

These women have turned tables, shattered ceilings, and become formidable online gambling forces. Before delving deeper into the profiles of these amazing women, it’s essential to note the evolving gambling industry.

With a growing list of new online casinos and brand new casinos coming into play, the opportunities for all gamblers have multiplied. This growth in casinos allows players greater access and diversity in gaming options.

Today, we will celebrate the prowess of these women by spotlighting some of the most notable female gamblers of our time. Their successes and stories inspire countless others, reminding everyone that the online gambling world isn’t just a man’s game.

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Online Female Gamblers

Vanessa Selbst

One of the most recognized female poker players, Vanessa Selbst, has made a significant mark in the poker world. With over $11.9 million in live poker winnings, Selbst is the highest-earning female poker player and ranks among the top in global listings. While most of her achievements have been in live tournaments, Vanessa’s online gaming prowess is equally commendable. Her aggressive style of play and analytical approach have made her a force to reckon with in online poker tables worldwide.

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Annette Obrestad

Hailing from Norway, Annette Obrestad made history at 18 when she won the World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) in 2007. Known for her online alias “Annette_15”, she began her online poker journey even before she was of legal age. By age 15, she had already built a bankroll without ever depositing money, primarily by winning freerolls. Annette’s online success is a testament to her skill and understanding of the game.

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Liv Boeree

A physics graduate from the University of Manchester, Liv Boeree, known as the “Iron Maiden,” seamlessly blended her analytical skills with her passion for poker. With a combination of beauty and brains, Liv has earned over $3.5 million in live poker tournaments. She’s also a regular in the online poker scene, where she continues to showcase her strategic gameplay.

Maria Ho

Maria Ho, born in Taipei and raised in the United States, is renowned in the live and online poker circuits. With over $4 million in live earnings, Maria has consistently been one of the top-ranking female poker players globally. Beyond the poker table, she’s also known for appearing in TV shows and contributing to poker through commentary and analysis.

Sofia Lövgren

This Swedish poker sensation began her journey in the online poker rooms before venturing into live tournaments. Known for her calm demeanor and strategic gameplay, Sofia Lövgren has become a respected name in the global poker community. Her consistent online and offline performances have made her a prominent figure in the poker world, especially among the upcoming female players.

Kathy Liebert

With a poker career spanning over two decades, Kathy Liebert is one of the pioneering women in professional poker. While she has significant live tournament winnings, Kathy’s online game is equally vital. Her experience and strategic depth have made her a daunting opponent in online poker rooms.

Eleanor Gudger

Eleanor Gudger, a prominent name in the UK’s poker circuit, has showcased remarkable skills in online and live poker tournaments. With her consistent performances and significant online wins, Eleanor inspires many budding poker enthusiasts, especially women looking to make a mark in the domain.

The Rise of Female Gamblers

The successes of these women highlight the changing landscape of online gambling. As the digital realm becomes more inclusive, women worldwide seize the opportunity to showcase their skills, strategies, and prowess.

Several factors contribute to this paradigm shift. Firstly, the anonymity offered by online platforms allows women to participate without facing direct bias or prejudice. Secondly, the rise in female-centric gaming communities and media provides women with the necessary resources and support to hone their skills.

Additionally, with more online training resources and tutorials available, the learning curve for aspiring female gamblers has significantly reduced. These platforms provide insights, strategies, and tips, leveling the playing field.


The world of online gambling is no longer an exclusive men’s club. The achievements of the women, as mentioned above, among many others, underscore the immense potential and talent women possess in this domain. As the online gambling industry continues to grow and evolve, we can only expect more female players to rise to prominence, challenge stereotypes, and set new benchmarks.

In celebrating these women, we also celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and the spirit of competition. With its ever-growing casinos, the digital world of gambling holds immense promise, and the future looks bright with more women taking center stage.


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