Imlie Teasers December 2023


Imlie, a smart village belle, is forced to marry a journalist after they seek shelter in a hut during heavy rains. On reaching the city, she realizes that her husband is engaged to be married.

Premiere episodes of Imlie air on Star Life Mondays to Sundays at 22h00.


Friday 1 December 2023
Episode 838

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Rudra collects Kairi and Imlie’s DNA reports at the hospital. Simultaneously, Devika consults a lawyer about Atharva and Imlie’s divorce.

Saturday 2 December 2023
Episode 839

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The Iyer family is shocked by Samrat’s misbehaviour. Later, Ishani and Mohit confront him when Prem reveals a shocking truth.

Sunday 3 December 2023
Episode 840

Imlie signs the divorce papers, informs the Ranas and decides to leave. Devika suggests Chini stay in Atharva’s room.

Monday 4 December 2023
Episode 841

The Ranas attempt to prevent Imlie from leaving. Despite her determination, Rudra expresses a desire to accompany her.

Tuesday 5 December 2023
Episode 842

Amidst impending divorce, Atharva and Imlie share an intimate moment, raising doubts for Chini. Subsequently, Kairi goes missing, and Imlie is blamed by everyone.

Wednesday 6 December 2023
Episode 843

Chini disguises herself as a monster to scare Kairi. Imlie, with Dhairya’s assistance, devises a plan to ease Kairi’s fear.

Thursday 7 December 2023
Episode 844

There is surprise at the Rana villa when guests discover that Atharva is alive. Imlie urges Atharva to declare his love for Chini in a game during the party.

Friday 8 December 2023
Episode 845

Imlie seeks the truth about Kairi and questions Atharva about Chini being her mother. Atharva lies, claiming he will marry Chini.

Saturday 9 December 2023
Episode 846

Atharva announces his marriage to Chini to the Ranas. Imlie decides to participate in Atharva and Chini’s wedding.

Sunday 10 December 2023
Episode 847

Atharva reveals to Kairi that Chini is her mother, but Kairi refuses to accept this. Jealous Keya steals the ring Devika bought for Chini.

Monday 11 December 2023
Episode 848

Kairi sustains severe injuries making a magic drink for Imlie. Atharva worries about obtaining rare blood for Kairi’s treatment.

Tuesday 12 December 2023
Episode 849

Atharva and Chini request management to inform Imlie about the need for blood. Atharva prevents Imlie from visiting Kairi in the hospital.

Wednesday 13 December 2023
Episode 850

Imlie disguises herself as Miss Patty, Kairi’s home teacher, at the Rana house. Atharva unexpectedly appears after learning about a concert during the meeting.

Thursday 14 December 2023
Episode 851

Reyansh and Mr. Mehta inform the Ranas about Atharva’s disappearance. Imlie investigates, searching for Atharva in Reyansh’s car.

Friday 15 December 2023
Episode 852

Imlie checks the CCTV and is surprised to see Reyansh and Mr. Mehta. Devika files a police complaint against Imlie.

Saturday 16 December 2023
Episode 853

Imlie suspects Reyansh and plans to uncover Atharva’s whereabouts. Chini is shocked to see Atharva with Miss Patty.

Sunday 17 December 2023
Episode 854

Chini suspects Miss Patty and spies on her. Imlie has trouble trying to rescue Atharva from Reyansh’s grasp.

Monday 18 December 2023
Episode 855

Imlie fears for Kairi as Dhairya saves her from a fire. Chini and Imlie embark on a mission to rescue Kairi from Reyansh’s hold.

Tuesday 19 December 2023
Episode 856

Anu blames Imlie for Atharva and Kairi’s disappearance during her visit to the Rana mansion. Imlie tries to rescue Atharva from Reyansh’s control.

Wednesday 20 December 2023
Episode 857

Imlie frees Atharva from Reyansh, leading to his arrest. When Atharva returns to the Rana mansion, Chini accuses Imlie of his abduction.

Thursday 21 December 2023
Episode 858

Imlie is caught in Miss Patty’s disguise when meeting Kairi. Police want to arrest Imlie, but Dhairya reveals the truth about Atharva’s abduction.

Friday 22 December 2023
Episode 859

Devika accuses Imlie of stealing Atharva and Chini’s engagement ring, shocking Imlie. Dhairya plans a surprise for Imlie.

Saturday 23 December 2023
Episode 860

Atharva accuses Dhairya, but Imlie supports him. Anu and Chini scheme against Dhairya and Imlie.

Sunday 24 December 2023
Episode 861

Atharva accuses Dhairya of harming Kairi and demands that he leave. Imlie declares Dhairya won’t leave, as he’s her future husband.

Monday 25 December 2023
Episode 862

Atharva-Chini and Imlie-Dhairya’s haldi ceremony takes place. Chini is frightened when she discovers Imlie’s quest for CCTV footage.

Tuesday 26 December 2023
Episode 863

Imlie vows to prove Dhairya’s innocence when questioned by Atharva. Chini becomes anxious as Dhairya gathers evidence to expose her misdeeds.

Wednesday 27 December 2023
Episode 864

Dhairya confronts Atharva to expose Chini’s truth. He is devastated to discover that Kairi is Imlie and Atharva’s daughter.

Thursday 28 December 2023
Episode 865

Dhairya falls from the terrace, leaving Imlie shattered. Chini experiences a nervous breakdown, fearing dire consequences.

Friday 29 December 2023
Episode 866

The Ranas are devastated by Dhairya’s untimely death. When the police raise suspicions, Imlie takes a shocking stand.

Saturday 30 December 2023
Episode 867

Imlie performs Dhairya’s final rites at Rudra’s request. Atharva attempts to explain Dhairya’s death as an accident, but Imlie remains unresponsive.

Sunday 31 December 2023
Episode 868

Police arrive to arrest Atharva for Dhairya’s murder. Chini panics as Imlie investigates with Dhairya’s phone to uncover the truth.


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