My Brother’s Keeper Teasers November 2023


My Brother’s Keeper tells the story of the Shabalala family, a wealthy and powerful clan drawn into a deadly succession battle of its own. The show stars Wiseman Mncube as Nqubeko, the headstrong and overambitious son of a mistress tired of being sidelined by his father. Nqubeko decides to break the rules of “ukungena” (the Zulu custom of marrying a deceased brother’s widow) by going after his brother’s widow, Fakazile (played by Zola Nombona), the woman who holds the controlling power over the Shabalala family empire.

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Premiere episodes of My Brother’s Keeper air on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.

My brother's keeper

Wednesday 1 November 2023
Episode 8

The End Justifies The Means

Mshengu throws Donga an emotional curveball. Will he step up? Nomusa clears obstacles for Nqubeko, paving the way for him to be CEO. Sombi tries to break Musa’s spirit, but instead, is emboldened in the process.

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Thursday 2 November 2023
Episode 9

Nqubeko’s Quest

Nqubeko is on a quest that puts him on a collision course with the family patriarch. Sombi does everything in her power to ward off the advances of a determined suitor. Thuthuka faces a harsh reality that never happens to rich people.

Friday 3 November 2023
Episode 10


Mshengu reveals how Fakazile’s new husband will be chosen. Sibusiso goes all out for Sombi, will she be receptive or will he strike out? Maskhosana, MamSarah’s neighbour, makes a scandalous discovery.

Monday 6 November 2023
Episode 11

We Are Mshengu’s Pawns

Everyone is infuriated by Mshengu’s idea of Isigqoko but the old man doesn’t care about their emotions. Sombi’s parents find out that she’s entertaining Mshengu’s grandson at work and rain down on her hard. Thoba tries to convince Sibusiso to forget about Sombi but Sibusiso is already in too deep.

Tuesday 7 November 2023
Episode 12

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Nomshado tells her sister to watch her back. Sombi tells Sibusiso it’ll never work out between them. MaSkhosana, MamSarah’s neighbour witnesses an innocent interaction and assumes the worst.

Wednesday 8 November 2023
Episode 13

Real Queens Make Real Kings

Nqubeko scores a win with Nomshado. Fakazile sees Nqubeko in action and is attracted to him. A crisis forces Sombi to bond with Sibusiso and she begins to see him in a different light. Nomusa emerges as a king-maker. But does she know what she is signing up for?

Thursday 9 November 2023
Episode 14

Compromising Integrity

MaMchunu is shocked when Fakazile asks her to rig the Isigqoko contest in Nqubeko’s favour. Sombi finds herself in trouble with MamSarah for not sleeping at home. Nkululeko’s attempt to extend an olive branch to Nomalanga goes south.

Friday 10 November 2023
Episode 15

Four Brothers, Four Hats, One Wife

The divine cultural practice of Isigqoko takes place. A mother-in-law, bastard son and her makoti collude in the crooked place by messing with fate. Sombi feels like a curse to her parents.

Monday 13 November 2023
Episode 16

The Song of the Hat

The outcome of Isigqoko leaves the whole Shabalala family reeling with shock; especially the chosen one. Donga is at the tail end of a lashing he does not deserve. Fakazile makes a dangerous decision.

Tuesday 14 November 2023
Episode 17

It’s a Date, a Wedding Date

Mshengu announces the wedding date. Sombi and Sibusiso bond over her assignment results. Thoba is pissed that his father wasnt chosen to marry Fakazile.

Wednesday 15 November 2023
Episode 18

Signed and Sealed

Fakazile concedes to her doomed marriage but will do things on her terms. Donga finds a blessing in not being chosen to ngena Fakazile. Sibusiso and Sombi take a big step in their budding relationship.

Thursday 16 November 2023
Episode 19

The Bachelor

Mshengu finds a way to spin his web so that Nqubeko ends up grooming his “nemesis” Thuthuka. Fakazile knocks an ace up her sleeve by fooling Thuthuka into signing a pre-nup. Sbu shoots his cupid arrow, landing straight in Sombi’s heart. Is Thuthuka getting cold feet before his big day?

Friday 17 November 2023
Episode 20

Wumshado Lento

On the first night of her wedding, Fakazile gets a taste of what life will be like with Thuthuka. MamSarah finally accepts that Sombi is dating and gives her a pep talk. Lerato convinces Donga to attend the wedding.

Monday 20 November 2023
Episode 21

Fakazile’s Revenge

A sjambok is unleashed in Khwezi’s house with devastating consequences. Sombi and Sibusiso cause a stir and ruffle some feathers. Fakazile has a bombshell in store for the Shabalalas.

Tuesday 21 November 2023
Episode 22

Bring It Home Trusted Son

Sarah is not pleased that Sombi came home in the wee hours. Fakazile uses culture to keep Mshengu at bay. Mshengu puts all his trust in Nqubeko to bring the merger home.

Wednesday 22 November 2023
Episode 23

Like Father Like Son

Mshengu works his magic on Nqubeko, in turn; he works his magic on Fakazile. Sarah walks in on Sombi and Sbu and makes a meal of it. Thoba is disappointed by Nkululeko.

Thursday 23 November 2023
Episode 24

The Forbidden Fruit

Nqubeko pulls out all the stops to bring the merger home. Sombi’s parental responsibilities interfere with Sibusiso’s date night plans. MaMchunu goes straight to the pit of hell for her son’s sake.

Friday 24 November 2023
Episode 25

Sex Is a Merge

Mshengu is pleased and touched when Nqubeko presents him with the signed merger documents. Sombi still fails to tell Sibusiso that she has a child. Donga asks Nkululeko and Lerato to represent him to Nomalanga’s family about Imbeleko for Thoba.


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