Nikiwe Teasers August 2023


Nikiwe revolves around the “hood-rich” Radebe family. Themba “Bhungane” Radebe, a determined businessman, leads the clan with his wife Mirriam and their three children, Nikiwe, Menzi, and Mandisa.

Premiere episodes of Nikiwe air on from Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.


Tuesday 1 August 2023
Episode 77

When The Time Is Right, I’m Coming For What’s Mine

Ntsika and Menzi’s brotherhood is tightened by a gift. Ntsika’s party kicks off with a smooth start, but there is already a family member planning sabotage.

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Wednesday 2 August 2023
Episode 78

Trouble In The Radee Paradise

Troubled MaDlamini tries to appease the ancestors, but her incense is not burning – are the ancestors sending a message? A stranger arrives and visits Bhungane’s grave. Who is he?

Thursday 3 August 2023
Episode 79

Parents Can Apologise Too

Themba’s long lost half brother comes knocking at the Radebe doorstep. Lulu gives Nikiwe a stern warning not to mess with her.

Friday 4 August 2023
Episode 80

The Truth Complicates

Largest is worried about her sister’s lie. It has implications for them all. MaDlamini has contractions after meeting another Bhungane – could this be a sign? Brenda is disappointed to learn the truth.
Monday 7 August 2023
Episode 81


It’s touch and go for MaDlamini and the baby as they are rushed to the hospital, the doctors don’t seem to have good news – will the baby survive?

Tuesday 8 August 2023
Episode 82

It’s a Boy

Bonnie digs her claws in deeper and deeper into Ntsika and Lulu will not stand for it.

Wednesday 9 August 2023
Episode 83


MaDlamini’s baby has less than a week to live.

Thursday 10 August 2023
Episode 84

Save the Baby

Ntsika is in a tailspin when he discovers five cars have been stolen from the parking lot.

Friday 11 August 2023
Episode 85


MaMkhulu wakes up to see black feathers. MaDlamini’s Gobela questions Mdlalose – there’s clearly a secret brewing. This secret is what’s causing complications.


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