How to Open a Standard Bank Account


Opening a Standard bank account is easier than ever before. Standard Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in South Africa. The requirements for opening a bank account in Standard Bank account will vary depending on the type of account. But basically, the requirements per account are as follows:

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Open Standard Bank Account

Basic transactional accounts offer:

  • A debit card to use for withdrawals and deposits of cash
  • SMS notifications of your transactions
  • Cell phone banking, so that you can transact from your phone at minimal cost

What you will need

  • SA ID book or valid passport with the relevant study/work permits
    Note: Green barcoded ID book or smartcards only
  • Proof of residence
    Note: Utility bills or a bank-letter completed by your landlord, local chief or councillor
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Who can open a bank account in SA?

  • South African Citizens
  • Foreign Nationals living in SA

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