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List of Public Schools in Durban


If you are looking for public schools in Durban, South Africa, you have come to the right source of information. In this write-up, you will come by the best public schools in Durban you can send your ward to with complete peace of mind.

public Schools in Durban

Public schools in Durban

  • Asoka Secondary School
  • Astra Primary
  • Bonela Secondary
  • Bechet High School
  • Brettonwood High School
  • Burnwood Secondary School
  • Crossmead Primary School
  • Crossmoor Secondary School
  • Durban Academy High School
  • Durban Girls’ High School (DGHS)
  • Durban High School (DHS)
  • Durban North College
  • Durban Girls’ Secondary School
  • George Campbell School of Technology
  • Glenwood High School
  • Hillcrest High School
  • Hunt Road Secondary School
  • Isipingo Secondary School[78]
  • Kingsway High School
  • Kharwastan Secondary
  • Kloof High School
  • Kloof Junior Primary School
  • Kloof Pre-Primary School
  • Kloof Senior Primary School
  • Marklands Secondary School
  • Montarena Secondary School
  • Montclair Junior Primary School
  • Montclair Senior Primary School
  • Moorlands Primary School
  • Moorton Heights Primary School
  • M. Padavatan Primary School
  • New Forest High School
  • Northlands Girls’ High School
  • Northwood School
  • Ogwini Comprehensive High School
  • Parklands Primary School
  • Pinetown Boys’ High School
  • Pinetown Girls’ High School
  • Port Natal High School
  • Protea Secondary School
  • Queensburgh Girls’ High School
  • Savannah Park Secondary School
  • Simla Primary School
  • Southlands Secondary School
  • Tyburn Primary School
  • Virginia Preparatory School.
  • Velabahleke High School
  • Westcliff Secondary School
  • Westville Boys’ High School
  • Westville Girls’ High School
  • Westville Junior Primary School
  • Westville Pre-Primary School
  • Westville Senior Primary School
  • Westham Secondary School
  • Wetstone Primary School
  • Wingen Heights Secondary
  • Woodhurst Secondary
  • Hillview Secondary
  • Newlands East Secondary
  • Hillgrove Secondary School
  • Riverdene Secondary School
  • Zwelibanzi High School
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