The real battle between Argentina and Brazil in 1991


The football rivalry between Argentina and Brazil is one of the fiercest in the entire world. At this moment 1xBet is a safe betting site, and it can also be used to wager on every match that these teams play against each other.

A very particular match took place on the 18th of July 1991 between those two teams. The context was the 1991 Copa América. However, the word “battle” is more accurate to describe what happened on that day in Santiago, Chile. The 1xBet platform is a safe betting site that also features lots of major competitions, including of course the Copa América.

Five goals and five red cards

The statistics of this match are enough to prove that it is probably one of the most thrilling matches between Argentina and Brazil ever. The Argentinians won 3-2, with goals scored by Gabriel Batistuta, Darío Franco, Joao Paulo and Branco. While waiting for other matches of this kind you can try to play slots now with, which is full of great forms of entertainment of this kind.

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Yet, the match is also remembered for having five red cards. In total, those who were sent off the match were:

  • Claudio Caniggia;
  • Mazinho;
  • Carlos Enrique;
  • Marcio Santos;
  • and Careca Bianchesi.
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Caniggia and Mazinho were sent off at the same time during the first-half of the match. Also, during the second half, Carlos Enrique and Marcio Santos got their red cards at the same time due to almost starting a brawl. Before another red card is shown, you can play slots now with the 1xBet casino, which features hundreds of these types of games.

One minute on the field

The red card of Careca Bianchesi deserves to be mentioned too. The Brazilian came in from the bench during the second half of the match. His first action of the match, instead of touching the ball, was to go and punch Argentinian defender Óscar Ruggeri in his face. He suffered a broken nose as a result. A fully-fledged live betting site is 1xBet, and it also allows its members to wager on these weird occurrences.

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Due to his action, the Brazilian also got a straight red card of his own. The last few minutes of the match saw Brazil attempting to build attacks with only 8 players on the field. On the other hand, the Argentinians, who were playing with 9 players, were trying to desperately defend their advantage. These contests between Argentina and Brazil can be really exciting, and 1xBet is the best live betting site to wager whenever they take place.


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