The Entertaining Campeonato Paulista


The Brazilian football system has an interesting format. Right now 1xBet is a betting website that can be used to wager on all football matches played in this country.

On one hand, there is the Brasileirão, which is the national league where teams can also be promoted and relegated across different levels. All its matches are played by teams from all across the nation. If you like Brazilian football teams, you should know that the 1xBet platform is a betting website that allows you to wager on all of them.

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However, in parallel, there are state tournaments, which for fans are as important as the national competition. These state tournaments work in a similar way as the national competition. It is possible to also be promoted and relegated within these state championships too.

In other words, a hypothetical team might win the national tournament, and at the same time be relegated within the state championship. One of the most exciting state competitions in Brazil is the Campeonato Paulista, which is also known as the Paulistão.

The oldest tournament in Brazil

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The Paulistão is contested by teams from the state of São Paulo. This competition is the oldest league football competition in the entire country, as it has been played since 1902. If you want to wager on this tournament you can go to – try ug football betting and win fantastic rewards.

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The championship was organized by Charles Miller. He was an English businessman who arrived in Brazil in the late 19th century and basically introduced the sport to the nation. The sport exploded in popularity in Brazil thanks to a tour made through the country by English team Corinthians (not to be confused with the Brazilian Corinthians). Fans can try football betting at 1xBet ug on all matches played by the best Brazilian teams.

This led to the foundation of several football teams in the country, and to the Paulistão itself.

Huge rivalries and winners

Some of the most important football teams in Brazil are based in the state of São Paulo. This means that their rivalries become apparent not only when playing in the national Brasileirão, but also when facing each other in the Paulistão. Some excellent virtualsports are on 1xBet too, and this platform provides excellent opportunities to wager on Brazilian football as well.

The squads in question are:

  • Corinthians;
  • Palmeiras;
  • Santos;
  • and São Paulo.

In fact, those four squads have been by far the top winners of the Paulistão, winning it a combined total of more than 100 times. The virtual sports are also on 1xBet, which offers exceptional bets on them besides those made in football.


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