Introducing the South African Flexitarian diet for weight loss


Photo by sheri silver on Unsplash

Going on a diet means fasting some foods or foregoing others completely for a certain period, and that’s usually the drawback for most people. Common diets include cutting out carbohydrates (carbs), going off meat, reducing dairy product intake etc., but for those who were used to eating what they’d be forsaking, intense cravings usually come back to bite them. Often, one must be strict on themselves and follow the do’s and don’ts guidelines religiously, but we have found a new regimen that’s flexible enough to allow a steak or a burger as part of the diet. Sounds slightly too good to be true? Here’s more information on it.

We’ve heard of plant-based diets and their main focus is on eating all things grown in soil, basically vegetarianism, but a flexitarian diet is one that beats the odds. As you may have guessed, the flexitarian diet is a flexible, vegetarian plan. While the aim is to load up on as many whole grains, fruits and vegetables, you can occasionally work in some meat products. Your favourite turkey steaklets from Woolworths online specials or the new McDonalds Grand Chicken special will no longer be guilty pleasures for “cheat days”, making you feel bad for indulging, but you can work them into your plan so that eating this way becomes your lifestyle and not just an every now and again plan. 

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